The Videos and Work of BondageBait

BondageBait is responsible for most of my bondage. Despite the recent purge, he still features videos on Twitter and Xtube which may interest people with ‘particular’ interests in video.

Go and take a look at his page on Twitter and give him a follow. You can find him at

Bondage Photo Gallery 12/11/2017

Prisoner objecification can only be achieved with full head coverage and restraint…

All of these images were found on the internet. Credit must be given to the creators of these images. If any of these images belong to you and you would like them removed then please contact me via this blog.


Photo Gallery – ‘Gimped Up’

So what’s the appeal of going into full on gimp mode?

Is it the sensation of having skintight rubber or leather clinging to every single part of the body? Is it the complete loss of identity which comes from being encased top to toe in a skintight black shiny material? Or is it the pure objectification which comes from being fully rubbered up, bondaged up and then turned into someone’s rubber play thing?

Who knows? But it definitely DOES appeal…

These photos were all taken from the internet and credit where credit is due. If you own any of these photos and would like them credited or removed then please contact me directly.

Story – ‘The Three Rooms’

They came for him at 3 o’clock Friday morning. He awoke instantly, eyes wide and staring, to the sound of the front door being broken down. Within a couple of seconds he realised what was happening, and leapt out of bed. By the time he was halfway to the door they were coming up the stairs. He cursed and spun round, looking for a way out, but there was nowhere to run. All he could think of was to hide behind the door. He didn’t even make it that far. Four policemen burst into the room, grabbed him and pinned him down onto his bed, their black, shiny uniforms cold against his bare skin.

One of the policeman sounded as if he was running the show. “Anthony James Beresford, you are charged with theft under section two of the Electronic Data Act 2002. You do not need to say anything, but anything you do say will be entered into your record and reproduced in any trial or inquiry bearing on this charge. Bag him up.”

Within seconds Tony’s wrists were handcuffed behind his back, the regulation hood dropped over his head and the drawstring pulled tight. Thus completely helpless, and naked, he was marched down the stairs, out of the flat and into the waiting police car.
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Story – ‘Captured’

I struggled against the straitjacket but it felt like my struggles just made it tighter. The rubber was unforgiving, I could strain against it all I liked but it just pulled me back into my helpless position. I tried to yell for help, surely someone would hear me and come to my aid but the formidable gag that had been strapped onto me would not allow much sound to escape from my throat. All I could do was wait and think about how stupid I had been to have placed myself in this situation…….
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