Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 7

Marcus couldn’t breathe. Adam was smothering him. He could feel Adam’s hard, muscled body weighing heavy on his own. He desperately tried to move his head but Adam was way too strong. He started to see stars. Time began to slow down…


Adam held Marcus’s head rock steady…gripped in his strong hands. He enjoyed this feeling of power. His dick was as hard as rock. He continued to stare straight into Marcus’s fear filled eyes. He released both his hands at the same time. Marcus sucked in great rasping breaths.

‘Now, we’re gonna try that again, bro. Don’t FUCK me around!’

He reached behind Marcus’s head and unfastened the straps. The ballgag and head harness came away from Marcus’s head in one piece. A great pool of saliva poured out of his mouth. Marcus closed his mouth and swallowed. His jaw ached badly.

This was a new side to Adam that Marcus had never seen before. Normally, he was so laid back he was nearly horizontal. Even when he was in the cage, fighting, he was a great mass of seething controlled power. But something about him, at the moment, was dangerous. Or maybe Marcus just felt more vulnerable because he was chained and helpless. No, Adam was definitely different. There was an uncontrolled anger showing which scared Marcus. Marcus had been on the edge of blacking out because of Adam. Would Adam really have let it go that far?

There was a ring tone. Skype. Adam looked at the contact name on the PC screen.


Adam turned and looked at Marcus. ‘Don’t you make a FUCKIN’ sound, bruv.’
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Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 6

Marcus lay back in his chair, eyes closed, drifting in and out of something close to sleep, trying to shut out his world of chains and captivity. He was startled by a voice.

‘Drooling a bit there, bro,’ laughed Adam as he leant over Marcus’s face. The oversize ballgag meant that Adam couldn’t swallow. His face had been dripping with sweat and saliva since this whole situation has started.

‘Let’s give you some dignity back.’

Adam grabbed the waist of Marcus’s tight rubber shorts and pulled it up and over his cock and balls. He let go. The rubber snapped back into place painfully. Marcus looked down at the outline of his junk clearly showing through the tight, shiny black rubber. What was the point? The cock rings made sure that his balls and dick stood proud of his body. He felt his dick start to grow hard again under the rubber. He’d never worn rubber before (obviously), his body, however, clearly responded to its feel and embrace.

Adam crouched down and looked under the chair frame.

‘Whoah…those wrists look a bit raw…and I bet those shoulders are killing now…you’ve been cuffed for around six hours.’

Six hours, Marcus thought. He’d left the pub around 1.00am for the walk home. He’d been jumped shortly after. It must still be early. Around 8.00am.

‘Let’s see what we can do about that, bro.’

Maybe he’s going to take the cuffs off, thought Marcus. Maybe he could get free. He looked down at the chains holding his arms and body in place. He thought about the idea of photos of his rubber and chain bondage being posted on his Facebook page. Maybe not, he thought.

Adam walked over to the wall in front of Marcus. It was difficult to see this wall. The lamp still shone directly at him. In the shadows, Marcus saw Adam reach up and grab something. He heard the clank of metal.

Adam turned round and held something up.

‘How about these? Haven’t tried them, yet. Let’s see if they fit you.’

They were manacles. Large, heavy manacles. Thick rings of two inch wide heavy steel designed to lock around the wrists. There seemed to be around 12 inches of thick, heavy chain between them.
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Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 15, 16 and 17

Chapter 15

September 28, 2000

To My Diary

I’ve been busy with my graduate classes, and spending some time with Julie, my girlfriend, so again I haven’t been tied up for a while. On Saturday afternoon, about 4:30, Derek told me to put on my red speedo, and meet him in the den. This surprised me as I knew my parents were coming to visit and my aunt and Derek were going out to a movie and late dinner, so if Derek was going to tie me up, it could only be for a little while.

In the den, he waited holding rope and tape.
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Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 12, 13 and 14

Chapter 12

July 6, 2000

To My Diary

As things turned out, my parents had to go out of town on business and they decided to extend it into a summer vacation. They suggested that I might want to return to my aunt and Derek’s rather than staying home alone in an empty house. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance as I thought it might bring another opportunity for a tie-up with my aunt – since my mother was still angry about our last episode and had forbidden my father from tieing me up at all lately. ..Besides, I missed my friends, and my girlfriend, Julie Peterson, most of all. I had dated a few girls around home, but Julie is still my favorite.
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Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 9, 10 and 11

Chapter 9

June 19, 2000

To My Diary

My father tells me over and over that I am my own worst enemy. He is sure that some day I will get myself into trouble because I really like being tied up.

He hopes that someday I’ll find a girlfriend who understands my need for bondage and that we’ll be as happy as he and my late mother were. He says that bondage and sex go together, and he can tell that I find being tied up a significant turn-on. For now, he has agreed to tie me up now and then and so has my aunt when I’m staying with her and Derek at college. My step-mom thinks my love of being tied up is strange but she would rather have me tied up where she knows where I am and am safe than go off and have a stranger do it where there might be danger. Recently I told how my father really tied me up very tight, and how I had to let him know that I was uncomfortable with being so tightly tied for so long and finally he let me go. Then I had second thoughts and wished he had held to his original plan.

A few days later I had talked a lot to my father about the experience, and I had thought about it a lot too. I felt bad that I was kind of a wimp, not staying the full time that dad had planned to keep me tied up in a chair. I decided that I wanted to try it again. It was really a strict tie-up, but I had liked it, for a while anyway.
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