Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 19

‘Jordan’s Tale – The Conclusion’

Continued from ‘Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 16’

Jordan breathed deeply and drank in his surroundings. This was where he belonged…back on the track…ready to compete…his body honed to perfection…powerful and strong and surging with energy.

He was clad only in his Sac City skinsuit. Its skintight lycra revealing every aspect of his firm, tight, muscled physique. He wore nothing underneath it. That was how he preferred it. As he began to stretch and warm up his muscles he could feel all the admiring eyes gazing at his powerful body. He had never been fitter or stronger. He was a work of art.

It had been a year since Jordan and his three team mates had been taken. A year since they had been kidnapped and held in chains for nearly 48 hours.

Jordan could recall the whole experience with absolute detail. Every minute was burned into his memories. Each athlete had been grabbed from the track, cuffed hand and foot, gagged and hooded and then stuffed into a sack for transport.

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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 17

They had been collected. They’d been taken from a variety of places:- swimming pools, the local beach, a party on a luxury yacht. The request had been clear. Five swimmers were required. Their bodies had to be taut, toned, muscular, no excess body fat. And they had to be clad in speedos, tight revealing speedos. No other items of clothing were allowed. And all had to have a certain arrogance…that certain self confidence that comes from knowing that they look good when wearing only a pair of tight, wet speedos.


The process had been simple. Wait for them to separate from everyone else, grab them, strap on the ballgag and then duct tape the mouth, duct tape the eyes, stuff them into the tight leather sleepsack and fasten the straps as tightly as possible and then slide them into the tiny metal chamber hidden below the floor off the van. The chamber was just wide enough and long enough to contain a six foot body, there was no wriggle room…and once the chamber was closed and the carpet placed back onto the van floor, there was no sign that the chamber existed. And any noises or grunts which each speedo clad swimmer would make would be totally obscured by the solid walls of the metal coffin.

The van would then drive to the abandoned factory. For one lucky captured swimmer the drive had only been a matter of minutes. The final swimmer – a young, black diving instructor – had endured three hours locked into his own personal bondage hell before he’d arrived at his destination.

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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 16

‘Jordan’s Tale’ Part 2

Continued from ‘Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 14’

Jordan screamed but the ball of material in his mouth and the duct tape gag muffled the sounds of his pain. He thought he heard the sound of laughter but the sounds of his own panicked breathing inside the tight rubber hood prevented him from hearing what was going on around him.

He felt hands lift the canvas sack which contained his cuffed body… and then seconds later drop him on a cold floor. He landed on his side. The sudden movement causing his cuffs to dig painfully into his wrists and ankles. The chain connecting his wrist and ankle cuffs kept him in a painful hogtie.

His heart was racing. He concentrated on slowing his breathing…allowing his body to take in just enough air through the small nose holes in his rubber hood. He understood totally why the hood had been used. It added a further level of control which enhanced his bondage. And being inside the canvas sack merely added to his breathing difficulties. He felt the urge to struggle…but he knew it was futile. In the kidnap games he had played with his brothers, there was always a chance of escaping from the rope bondage. But not now. His cuffs were locked on… tight, unrelenting steel which gripped his wrists and ankles painfully and would only allow freedom if keys were provided.

He felt something heavy drop beside him. He felt movement…struggling. Something else was dropped almost on top of him. A large, heavy body sized weight which briefly lay on top of him and then rolled off to his side. Had others been taken? His team mates? Who?

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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 14

‘Jordan’s Tale’
(continued from ‘Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up and Gagged – Part 12’)

He knew that he had to calm himself quickly. His heart rate was too high. The beating of his heart was loud in his ears…only matched by the sound of his own rapid breathing. The tight rubber hood obscured all external sound, but amplified the sounds of his own body. He had to calm down and control his breathing. The tiny nose holes in his rubber hood only allowed a certain amount of air in. If he sucked in too quickly the rubber formed a vacuum against his skin and no life giving air would reach his nose. He couldn’t take in air through his mouth. It was stuffed with material and held in place by layers of duct tape wrapped around his head. The tape pulled painfully on the hairs on his neck.

The bastards had been clever. They’d used the rubber hood because it was as effective as a source of control as it was at removing his sight. He breathed slowly…the air came in…just enough…the sound of the air rushing through the noseholes obscuring any external sound…

He shifted the position of his body. He was in pain. The handcuffs dug painfully into his wrists. They’d been locked on too tight. He could feel his thumbs going numb. There was risk of permanent nerve damage if they stayed on too long.

His ankles cuffs were also too tight. Again, he could feel a numbing down the side of each foot.

The chain between his handcuffs and ankles cuffs kept him in a reasonably tight hogtie. The stress of the hogtie added further tension and pain to the cuffs around his wrists and ankles.

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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 13

He knew he was fit. He knew he was desirable. What he hadn’t realised was how desirable.

He’d been walking home from the track. He hadn’t bothered to change. He was his black, shiny Nike skinsuit with a black t-shirt over the top. He enjoyed how his skinsuit made him feel. He felt empowered. He wore nothing under it…no underwear. His dick and balls were clearly outlined through the tight black shiny material. He enjoyed the secretive glances he would get from the other athletes as they caught sight of his package. He enjoyed the groups of girls who would giggle and point when he walked past. And he especially enjoyed catching sight of some guy with a long lens camera hoping to catch a good shot of his manly bulge…he would strut like a peacock when he knew he was being photographed. What he was unaware of was the fact that somewhere on the internet, photos of his fit body had been posted and prices were being discussed…

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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 12

They were the star athletes from Sacramento City College. They were due to represent their college in a national competition. This made them obvious targets for kidnap and ransom.

It was easy to collect and capture them. They were taken within minutes of each other. Each was taken from the changing rooms shortly after stripping down to their Sacramento City skintight lycra gear.

Each was grabbed behind by three strong pairs of hands. Wrists were quickly handcuffed behind their backs. An old jock strap was stuffed into each of their mouths and then duct tape wrapped firmly over their mouths and around their heads ten times.

A skintight rubber hood with only two small nose holes was then pulled over each of their heads and then each muscled athlete was dragged away to a white van with no windows which was parked nearby.

In the back of the van, ankle cuffs were quickly attached. They were laid firmly face down on the floor of the van where a short length of chain was used to connect the wrist and ankles cuffs locking each athlete into a tight metal hogtie. Each athlete was then be placed inside a heavy canvas sack and ropes were firmly tied around the opening preventing them from wriggling out.

Each athlete was taken and restrained in a matter of minutes. Each was unaware that the others had also been taken. Each of them was only aware of the tight metal cuffs digging painfully into their wrists and ankles, of being locked in a tight hogtie and the smothering dark embrace of the rubber hood which made breathing incredibly difficult. Each lay in fear wondering what the future would hold….

Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 10

This muscled boy is clearly in love with himself and needs to have his freedom taken away. His arrogance needs to be totally shattered and he needs to be taught a lesson in humility. He clearly needs to be kept in restraints for several days.

Firstly, he should be kidnapped and taken to an unknown location. He should be straight jacketed, roped tightly hand and foot and then gagged and blindfolded for transport.

Upon arrival at his place of imprisonment, he should be stripped down to tight revealing shorts. During the day, he needs to have his wrists shackled behind his back. A metal collar should be locked around his neck and he should remain chained to the wall in a dark cellar for long periods of time. He needs to be gagged so that he knows his can’t reason with his captor and beg for freedom.

During the night time, he needs to be stretched out and tied securely to a bed.

He needs to know that there is no chance of escape. He needs to spend long periods of time shackled hand and foot and locked behind the heavy bars of a cage.

His heavy metal collar should be firmly locked around his neck and used as a painful way of breaking his will and letting him know that he is an object to be kept under permanent control.

He needs to learn that bondage, restraint and imprisonment is his natural state. There will be no release…

Video – Prisoner 30 ‘Ropes, Cuffs, Chains and Tight Blue Jeans’

Click the image below to view the xtube:-

For this period of captivity the Prisoner was made to wear a blue Adidas sports hoodie and a pair of tight blue jeans. His wrists were handcuffed behind his back and the cuffs were attached to a length of chain which was passed around his waist and then between his legs through his crotch several times before being pulled uncomfortably tight and then once again padlocked to his cuffs. The Prisoner’s arms were then bound tightly to his upper body with a long length of nylon rope. He was then placed in a black office chair where his ankles were pulled together and roped to the base of the chair. A further length of chain was then attached to his crotch chains and pulled down and attached to his ankle bindings thus adding further tension to his crotch area. His thighs were then pulled apart and roped to the chair arms. A length of rope was used to rope his knees together and balance the tension which had been placed on his thighs. More rope was fastened around the Prisoner’s chest, through his cuffed wrists, up over his shoulders and then to the arms of the chair and across his waist preventing him from standing up. The Prisoner’s cuffed and roped wrists were placed between his body and the back of the chair preventing him from leaning back without placing his body weight on his bound wrists and causing discomfort. The Prisoner was blindfolded with a soccer sock. His mouth was stuffed with cloth and layers of duct tape were then wrapped around his head several times creating a very effective gag. A white Nike baseball cap was placed over his head. The Prisoner remained bare foot for this period of captivity. The Prisoner was then left to experience hours of growing discomfort due to the fact that he was unable to relax and also because his crotch chains were digging painfully into his tight jeans and crotch area. After an extended period of time the Prisoner’s crotch, thigh and knees restraints were removed and his jeans were pulled down revealing a pair of small black silky nylon soccer shorts. The Prisoner’s ankles and upper body remained in bondage and he was left in the chair to endure the remains of his captivity.

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