Justin Bieber Bondage – Kidnapped, Collared and Chained Part 2

Continued from Part 1 here…

Time passed slowly. Bieber was unsure how long he had been a prisoner. He breathed slowly and steadily. His own heart beat sounded loud in his ears and he struggled to keep it under control.

He’d panicked when the penis gag had been shoved in his mouth and then the heavy leather hood strapped tightly over his head. He’d drawn in great rasping breaths, desperately trying to take in enough precious oxygen to stay conscious. Eventually, he’d managed to calm himself and slow his body’s need for oxygen.

Bieber felt the cold, stone floor beneath him. His body was forced into a painful, cross legged sitting position. His struggles against his metal restraints had been futile. His wrists were cuffed behind his back and pulled up high towards his neck where a chain connected them to the heavy steel collar which had been locked around his neck. His head had been forced forward and a piece of solid, rigid steel – no more than 12 inches in length – connected his collar to the shackles which had been locked around his ankles. A length of chain was padlocked to his collar and then to a large metal ring which was firmly bolted to the wall.

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