‘#thedelivery’ – a bondage movie – part 2

‘The Prisoner’ finds himself rubbered up, tied up, wrapped up, parcelled up and then delivered to ‘The Captor’ for a period of tortuous bondage in ‘thedelivery’ – a bondage movie.

In this second part, ‘The Prisoner’ finds himself forced into a rubber sleepsack, strapped up and tied down and viewing the world from the inside of a rubber hood AND a gas mask. Meanwhile, ‘The Captor’ has plans to test out his new E-Stim electro-torture kit on the helpless, rubbered up captive.

Watch Part 2 of ‘The Delivery’ at https://onlyfans.com/62613707/heavy_bondage


View Part 1 of ‘#thedelivery’ at https://onlyfans.com/60092224/heavy_bondage