Video – Prisoner 30 ‘Ropes, Cuffs, Chains and Tight Blue Jeans’

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For this period of captivity the Prisoner was made to wear a blue Adidas sports hoodie and a pair of tight blue jeans. His wrists were handcuffed behind his back and the cuffs were attached to a length of chain which was passed around his waist and then between his legs through his crotch several times before being pulled uncomfortably tight and then once again padlocked to his cuffs. The Prisoner’s arms were then bound tightly to his upper body with a long length of nylon rope. He was then placed in a black office chair where his ankles were pulled together and roped to the base of the chair. A further length of chain was then attached to his crotch chains and pulled down and attached to his ankle bindings thus adding further tension to his crotch area. His thighs were then pulled apart and roped to the chair arms. A length of rope was used to rope his knees together and balance the tension which had been placed on his thighs. More rope was fastened around the Prisoner’s chest, through his cuffed wrists, up over his shoulders and then to the arms of the chair and across his waist preventing him from standing up. The Prisoner’s cuffed and roped wrists were placed between his body and the back of the chair preventing him from leaning back without placing his body weight on his bound wrists and causing discomfort. The Prisoner was blindfolded with a soccer sock. His mouth was stuffed with cloth and layers of duct tape were then wrapped around his head several times creating a very effective gag. A white Nike baseball cap was placed over his head. The Prisoner remained bare foot for this period of captivity. The Prisoner was then left to experience hours of growing discomfort due to the fact that he was unable to relax and also because his crotch chains were digging painfully into his tight jeans and crotch area. After an extended period of time the Prisoner’s crotch, thigh and knees restraints were removed and his jeans were pulled down revealing a pair of small black silky nylon soccer shorts. The Prisoner’s ankles and upper body remained in bondage and he was left in the chair to endure the remains of his captivity.

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Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 7

Marcus couldn’t breathe. Adam was smothering him. He could feel Adam’s hard, muscled body weighing heavy on his own. He desperately tried to move his head but Adam was way too strong. He started to see stars. Time began to slow down…


Adam held Marcus’s head rock steady…gripped in his strong hands. He enjoyed this feeling of power. His dick was as hard as rock. He continued to stare straight into Marcus’s fear filled eyes. He released both his hands at the same time. Marcus sucked in great rasping breaths.

‘Now, we’re gonna try that again, bro. Don’t FUCK me around!’

He reached behind Marcus’s head and unfastened the straps. The ballgag and head harness came away from Marcus’s head in one piece. A great pool of saliva poured out of his mouth. Marcus closed his mouth and swallowed. His jaw ached badly.

This was a new side to Adam that Marcus had never seen before. Normally, he was so laid back he was nearly horizontal. Even when he was in the cage, fighting, he was a great mass of seething controlled power. But something about him, at the moment, was dangerous. Or maybe Marcus just felt more vulnerable because he was chained and helpless. No, Adam was definitely different. There was an uncontrolled anger showing which scared Marcus. Marcus had been on the edge of blacking out because of Adam. Would Adam really have let it go that far?

There was a ring tone. Skype. Adam looked at the contact name on the PC screen.


Adam turned and looked at Marcus. ‘Don’t you make a FUCKIN’ sound, bruv.’
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Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 6

Marcus lay back in his chair, eyes closed, drifting in and out of something close to sleep, trying to shut out his world of chains and captivity. He was startled by a voice.

‘Drooling a bit there, bro,’ laughed Adam as he leant over Marcus’s face. The oversize ballgag meant that Adam couldn’t swallow. His face had been dripping with sweat and saliva since this whole situation has started.

‘Let’s give you some dignity back.’

Adam grabbed the waist of Marcus’s tight rubber shorts and pulled it up and over his cock and balls. He let go. The rubber snapped back into place painfully. Marcus looked down at the outline of his junk clearly showing through the tight, shiny black rubber. What was the point? The cock rings made sure that his balls and dick stood proud of his body. He felt his dick start to grow hard again under the rubber. He’d never worn rubber before (obviously), his body, however, clearly responded to its feel and embrace.

Adam crouched down and looked under the chair frame.

‘Whoah…those wrists look a bit raw…and I bet those shoulders are killing now…you’ve been cuffed for around six hours.’

Six hours, Marcus thought. He’d left the pub around 1.00am for the walk home. He’d been jumped shortly after. It must still be early. Around 8.00am.

‘Let’s see what we can do about that, bro.’

Maybe he’s going to take the cuffs off, thought Marcus. Maybe he could get free. He looked down at the chains holding his arms and body in place. He thought about the idea of photos of his rubber and chain bondage being posted on his Facebook page. Maybe not, he thought.

Adam walked over to the wall in front of Marcus. It was difficult to see this wall. The lamp still shone directly at him. In the shadows, Marcus saw Adam reach up and grab something. He heard the clank of metal.

Adam turned round and held something up.

‘How about these? Haven’t tried them, yet. Let’s see if they fit you.’

They were manacles. Large, heavy manacles. Thick rings of two inch wide heavy steel designed to lock around the wrists. There seemed to be around 12 inches of thick, heavy chain between them.
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Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 5

Marcus was angry. He struggled and writhed in his chair but the chains held him tightly in place. The handcuffs dug painfully into his wrists. But he didn’t care. He needed to be free.

Lisa had broken the connection around twenty minutes ago. At least, that’s what it felt like. Marcus had lost all sense of time. He was guessing it was early morning. Last night, he’d been to the pub, had the conversation with Adam and Martin about his kidnapping, signed the contract, started to walk home, been abducted and lost consciousness somehow, and then woken up here chained to the chair. He couldn’t have been asleep long. He felt dehydrated and if he didn’t take a leak soon he was in serious danger of pissing in his rubber shorts. He briefly wondered what that would feel like.
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Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 4

Lisa looked at her computer screen and laughed…hard. She suddenly stopped. She gazed at Marcus’s chained body. This seemed a little…extreme.

‘Wow…just…wow…’ she murmured. She had not quite known what to expect when Adam and Martin had rung her late last night and told her of their plans for Marcus. When they’d talked about kidnapping him, she’d thought they’d just grab him and tie him up for a few hours before letting him go when he’d sobered up. She’d seriously thought they were joking when they said they had somewhere where they could keep him hidden away for the next couple of weeks.
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Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 3

Marcus screamed as he felt his rubber clad balls being squeezed and twisted.

‘MMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPHHHHH!!!’ was all that came out of his ballgag filled mouth.

‘I said STOP! Calm down!’

Marcus felt the hand release his balls.


‘That’s better. Just calm down, bro. Breathe.’

Marcus took several deeps breaths. The rubber hood clung to his skin as he breathed in but he was able to take in enough air through the nostril holes. He could hear his heart beating. It was way too fast. The sound of his raspy breathing continued to fill his rubber hood.

‘That’s it. Just breathe. You’re perfectly safe’.

If Marcus hadn’t have been chained up, gagged and hooded he may have laughed. This was the strangest definition of safe he’d ever heard. Instead, he just pulled on his chains and cuffed hands and grunted.

‘Woah. Hold still. Those chains are padlocked on tight. They’re not going anywhere. Give it up.’
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Video – Prisoner 20 ‘No Consent’ Part 1 and 2

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Part 1

This night time of restraint was to lead into a considerably lengthier period of captivity than the prisoner was expecting.
The prisoner was made to wear an Adidas sports hooded top, football socks and shin pads and a pair of tight and revealing lycra running shorts.
His wrists were cuffed behind his back and his arms were pinned to his upper body with a long length of chain. His ankles and knees were tightly chained together and a short length of chain was used to pull his wrists and ankles into a hogtie.
A large leather plug gag was used to silence the prisoner and a tight rubber hood was used to restrict his vision and hearing. The prisoner spent the better part of a night restrained in this manner.
In the early hours of the morning the prisoner was allowed to spend a few hours in less restrictive bondage. This allowed him some better quality sleeping/resting time. His wrists remained cuffed behind his back and a length of chain was used to connect his wrists to the frame at the top of the bed, this prevented him from leaving the camera view. A further length of chain was used to loosely shackle his ankles.
The following morning the prisoner was made to sit at the top of the bed and his cuffed wrists were attached to the metal bed frame behind him. His chained ankles were then pulled up close to his head and a length of chain was used to connect his ankles to a loop of chain placed around his neck.
After a change of clothing the prisoner was then chained to an office chair for what he thought was only going to be a further hour of imprisonment.

Click the image to view the Xtube for Part 1:-

Part 2

Watch this one to see the effects of genuine captivity and bondage. The prisoner only expected an hour of captivity. He was kept in tight bondage against his will for considerably longer.
After a night of restraint the prisoner was tied and chained to the chair at around 9.00am and was told that he would be left there while the video camera ran out for the final hour. He would then be released. After the hour had completed the prisoner was instead told that he was not going to be released but was actually going to remain chained to the chair for at least another two days. The prisoner did not believe this would happen.
The prisoner was then left on his own with just the video player running. The edited footage shows how gradually, over the next few hours, the prisoner started to realise that he was not going to be released from his bondage. After a point, as far as the prisoner was concerned, he had become a genuine prisoner. His desperate struggling and pleading clearly shows how much he genuinely wanted to be released. After a few hours his tight lycra shorts also show a very interesting reaction to the genuine captivity.
It was never intended to keep him prisoner for a full 48 hours. He was chained to the chair early in the morning and was released on the same evening. This was, however, the longest period of sustained captivity which the prisoner had, up until this time, faced.
At various points during the video the prisoner was be heard begging for freedom, asking for the camera to be turned off and swearing!
For the period of this captivity he was made to wear tight lycra running shorts, football socks and shin pads and a black Nike training top.
A long white football sock was used as a first gag, a ball gag was then forced into his mouth over the top of the sock stuffing. The rubber hood was again used to provide total head coverage. Unfortunately, struggling from the prisoner as it was pulled into place caused the lower part of the hood to be torn away, this is why the lower part of his face can be seen. This is also the reason why the prisoner was not released after the inital hour. Punishment, if you like.
After sitting the prisoner on the chair his cuffed wrists were pulled behind the chair and locked there. Lengths of plastic banding were used to pin his arms to his upper body. Roped were tied around his body and the upper part of the chair to provide further restraint. A length of chain was passed around his neck, pulled around his upper body and locked to the chair. His ankles were pulled up under the chair and chained into place. Chains were placed around his thighs just above his knees and were attached to the chair in such a way as to pull his legs wide apart and reveal the crotch area of his tight lycra shorts.
This session proved to be an interesting investigation into the effects of genuine none-consensual captivity on someone who supposedly enjoys restraint and captivity.

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