Story – ‘Attack’

I was so excited! The time had come!!!
It had taken a couple of months for me to put the cash to one side ready for the purchase. But I knew that it would be worth it. All those little sacrifices I’d made to make sure I had the right amount of money saved.
Living in London I’d decided that it was time to take advantage of the wealth of fetish shops on offer. I’d decided that I wouldn’t buy a bit here, a bit there, but jump into it big time.
I’d never bought any fetish clothing before, part because of the shame I felt from my passion for the “fetish” and part because I’d never lived by myself before so I couldn’t really indulge myself in my true passion.
The magazines I’d looked at time and time again during my youth, showing all kinds of male rubber bondage had all excited me, and I new that I wanted to explore this further. I managed to collect quite a collection of magazines and images, and keep them all hidden from my family and subsequent flatmates.
But now that my job had bought me down to London I found myself living on my own with time and money to spare.
I hadn’t worked out what I was going to buy, only that I was going to spend every last bit of the savings on rubber / bondage items. It was to be a momentous day.
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