Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 15, 16 and 17

Chapter 15

September 28, 2000

To My Diary

I’ve been busy with my graduate classes, and spending some time with Julie, my girlfriend, so again I haven’t been tied up for a while. On Saturday afternoon, about 4:30, Derek told me to put on my red speedo, and meet him in the den. This surprised me as I knew my parents were coming to visit and my aunt and Derek were going out to a movie and late dinner, so if Derek was going to tie me up, it could only be for a little while.

In the den, he waited holding rope and tape.
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Story – ‘Boy in a Box’

TRENTON, NJ. I adored my half-brother Larry who was older and considerably larger than me and well built but a bit on the heavy side. I wanted to be around him and be like him, but I was admittedly a little snot and I went out of my way to make his life miserable—a strange way to show affection but a good way to get attention which was what I wanted. When I was eleven, and he was sixteen, my father deserted us, and mom had to get a job. That summer she left us with our aunt who kept us apart and busy. It was a dull three months.

The next summer our aunt was unable to babysit us. Mom decided that at seventeen, Larry could look after me and she laid down the rules that he was in charge. She was gone Monday through Saturday from early in the morning until around five-thirty in the afternoon. Right from the start, I went out of my way tro annoy Larry, jumping on him, misbehaving, leaving messes around the house, and in general being sassy, calling him dirty names. Larry was laconic in the extreme, often moody, and careful to think through whatever he did. Poor in school, he excelled only in various shop classes where he seemed able to do just about anything with his hands. Off and on he was on the swim team. Larry could be really mean, almost cruel, when he was provoked. And he could take apart or build just about anything.

After about two weeks of my torment, Larry grabbed me one afternoon. I had been particularly obnoxious. He dragged me into our bedroom and threw me down on my bed. Holding me there, he began wrapping some rope around my right wrist.
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Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 12, 13 and 14

Chapter 12

July 6, 2000

To My Diary

As things turned out, my parents had to go out of town on business and they decided to extend it into a summer vacation. They suggested that I might want to return to my aunt and Derek’s rather than staying home alone in an empty house. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance as I thought it might bring another opportunity for a tie-up with my aunt – since my mother was still angry about our last episode and had forbidden my father from tieing me up at all lately. ..Besides, I missed my friends, and my girlfriend, Julie Peterson, most of all. I had dated a few girls around home, but Julie is still my favorite.
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Video – Prisoner 14 ‘Captured Soccer Player’

The prisoner was restrained in soccer kit and and a pair of not quite baggy enough, blue Nike soccer shorts. 😉
This is an extended and re-edited version of the footage which was originally released in various Yahoo groups.
This was the first of the prisoner’s extended periods of captivity. Periods of extreme restraint were rewarded with periods of limited captivity e.g. just the cuffs, hood and ankle chains etc.
For the duration of his captivity the prisoner wore an Adidas training hooded top, football (soccer) socks and shin pads and loose fitting football (soccer) shorts.
His mouth was stuffed with cloth and several layers of duct tape were wrapped over it and around the lower part of his head. A tight rubber hood was placed over his head.
To start, the prisoner’s wrists were cuffed behind his back and held in place with chains that were wrapped around his neck and upper body. He was placed standing in front of a radiator with his ankles wide apart and chained to the pipes on the ends of the radiator.
For his next period of captivity the prisoner was allowed limited movement but tight chains were added to several part of his body to increase his discomfort. His hands remained cuffed behind his back and chains were wrapped around his upper body pinning his arms to his sides. Further chains were padlocked around his neck and passed between his legs, these chains were pulled tight and then padlocked. The thin material of his football shorts offered no protection against the tightness of the chains which dug into his shoulders and pulled tightly up into his crotch area. His knees and ankles were then shackled loosely together so that he had limited walking ability. The prisoner’s rubber hood was then removed and the hood on his Adidas top was pulled up. He was blindfolded with a white football sock and gagged with a large leather plug gag.
Following this the prisoner was then restrained in an office chair and his wrists were cuffed behind its back. His arms were pinned to his sides and attached to the chair with rope and blue plastic bands. His legs were roped to the chair at his thighs and ankles. A golf ball and duct tape gag was applied and the rubber hood was once again placed over his head.
The prisoner’s final period of restraint proved most frustrating and uncomfortable. He was taken straight from the chair, his cuffs were removed and his wrists were chained together in front of him. Chains were then used to tightly lock his ankles and knees together. The prisoner was then placed on the floor and his chained wrists were pulled down towards his restrained ankles and locked into place.
As mentioned earlier, at no point during this period of captivity was the prisoner allowed complete freedom. He remained cuffed and shackled constantly. The prisoner was never allowed to see and the rubber hood and gag were only ever partially removed for extremely short periods to allow the prisoner water breaks.

Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 9, 10 and 11

Chapter 9

June 19, 2000

To My Diary

My father tells me over and over that I am my own worst enemy. He is sure that some day I will get myself into trouble because I really like being tied up.

He hopes that someday I’ll find a girlfriend who understands my need for bondage and that we’ll be as happy as he and my late mother were. He says that bondage and sex go together, and he can tell that I find being tied up a significant turn-on. For now, he has agreed to tie me up now and then and so has my aunt when I’m staying with her and Derek at college. My step-mom thinks my love of being tied up is strange but she would rather have me tied up where she knows where I am and am safe than go off and have a stranger do it where there might be danger. Recently I told how my father really tied me up very tight, and how I had to let him know that I was uncomfortable with being so tightly tied for so long and finally he let me go. Then I had second thoughts and wished he had held to his original plan.

A few days later I had talked a lot to my father about the experience, and I had thought about it a lot too. I felt bad that I was kind of a wimp, not staying the full time that dad had planned to keep me tied up in a chair. I decided that I wanted to try it again. It was really a strict tie-up, but I had liked it, for a while anyway.
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Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 6, 7 and 8

Chapter 6

June 3, 2000

To My Diary

I wrote a few days ago about how my aunt and Derek tied me up in a straitjacket and kept me bound and gagged at the start of summer vacation so that I couldn’t attend any drinking end-of-the-school-year-graduation parties.

I stayed with my aunt and Derek for a while, looking a bit for a job near the college, and waiting for my grades. On Thursday, Derek got up early in the morning, and had to go to a meeting which kept him away all day. I had some friends over, and we swam in the pool and had a good time. They left before dinner.

At dinner Derek said that he wasn’t feeling well, and that after eating, he would go directly to bed. My aunt said she was really tired, but that she would watch television for a while in the den. I finished up the dishes, my chore, and joined my aunt in the den. Before I could sit, she said, “Bee-bee, go to your room and strip down to your jockey briefs – no, better yet, your jockstrap – and come back and I’ll tie you up for a while.. The tie-up will be something simple, because I’m bushed.”
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