Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 81 (Tight Jeans Special 2)

All of these guys have mastered the art of wearing tight jeans and therefore need to be abducted and then trussed up tightly using lots and lots of rope.

Daniel has definitely learned how to wear tight denim…and very little else…


Someone needs to have a word with this fella and suggest that his jeans are perhaps a little too tight…you need to have room to maneuver down there…


…skinny, spray on jeans…definitely good…


…tight jeans…tight abs…what else is there to say?


…stand this guy up…rope his hands behind his back immediately…expose those abs…


Someone has clearly carved this guy’s physique using a hammer and chisel.

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Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 13

He knew he was fit. He knew he was desirable. What he hadn’t realised was how desirable.

He’d been walking home from the track. He hadn’t bothered to change. He was his black, shiny Nike skinsuit with a black t-shirt over the top. He enjoyed how his skinsuit made him feel. He felt empowered. He wore nothing under it…no underwear. His dick and balls were clearly outlined through the tight black shiny material. He enjoyed the secretive glances he would get from the other athletes as they caught sight of his package. He enjoyed the groups of girls who would giggle and point when he walked past. And he especially enjoyed catching sight of some guy with a long lens camera hoping to catch a good shot of his manly bulge…he would strut like a peacock when he knew he was being photographed. What he was unaware of was the fact that somewhere on the internet, photos of his fit body had been posted and prices were being discussed…

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