Rugby Kit and Pallet Wrap

Rugby kit, chain bondage, pallet wrap and breath control aren’t things which normally go together. But when combined, they make for a very unusual and intense period of bondage and captivity.

Video – The Prisoner in Customised England Rugby Kit Spreadeagle Torture

The Prisoner spent more time in a punishing tight spreadeagle wearing England Canterbury rugby strip customised with 80s style black nylon school P.E. shorts and tight black PVC shorts. The Prisoner was silenced with a large penis gag and further punished by being made to wear a black gas mask with the eyes blocked or a tight rubber zip-up hood. Here’s the link to the video…

rugby 2 15

rugby 2 18

rugby 2 07

rugby 2 05

Rugby GIF 01

Click HERE to view the video on X Tube…