Video – Prisoner 21 ‘Ropes and Skintight White Lycra Shorts’

The prisoner was made to wear a PVC t-shirt and skintight white lycra running shorts.
Underneath the skintight rubber hood his mouth was stuffed with cloth and then duct tape was wrapped round his head several times forming a very good seal. Two small nostril holes in the rubber hood allowed controlled breathing.
He was restrained seated in the metal frame of a garden chair. His wrists were handcuffed behind the back. A belt prevented excessive waist movement. His legs were pulled apart and roped at the thighs, knees and ankles to the metal frame. Tight ropes were fastened to the chair and then pulled tightly through his legs either side his crotch area.

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Video – Prisoner 12 ‘Chairs, Chains and Skintight Rubber Shorts’

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The prisoner was forced to wear a black PVC t-shirt and extremely tight rubber cycling shorts. On both occasions shown in this video the prisoner was placed in a chair and his wrists were pulled behind the chair and handcuffed. A variety of chains were then used to restrain his neck, arms, upper body, waist, crotch area and legs.
A ballgag and head harness was tightly strapped to the prisoner’s head and a tight rubber hood with only two small nose holes was used to provide partial sensory deprivation.