Helplessness and the Ballgag

“When combined with other physical restraints, the wearing of a gag can increase the wearer’s sense of helplessness and anxiety level by rendering them unable to speak…which some people enjoy.”

Rubber hood, gas mask and a big ballgag? How long would you last?

The Videos and Work of BondageBait

BondageBait is responsible for most of my bondage. Despite the recent purge, he still features videos on Twitter and Xtube which may interest people with ‘particular’ interests in video.

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Rubber Bondage and Sensory Overload

Is there such a thing as sensory overload?

Remove communication, sight and hearing. Replace with skintight rubber full coverage with heavy chain bondage, gas mask breath control, metal chastity and electro torture.

Too many uncontrolled sensations?

How long would you last?

Halloween III – A Bondage Movie – The Return of the Mummy

The Prisoner has no cause to celebrate Halloween. He’s still trapped in The Captor’s lair. October has become Locktober and a mummification is about to take place.

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Website – MetalbondNYC

cropped-MetalbondBanner_1260_240_140620crop 2cropped-MetalbondBanner_1260_240_140620crop should go on your list of daily website visits IMMEDIATELY.

Metalbond’s website has been in existence for many years and is ‘dedicated to the physically restrained male’.

If heavy metal bondage, caging, imprisonment and chastity is of interest to you then you simply MUST visit his website.

And lots of gratitude must go to Metalbond for the support he continues to give to the Heavybondage blog. Thank you!

Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 29, the Final Chapter

Artwork taken from

Chapter 29

February 4, 2001

To My Diary

At school during January things went well, and I concentrated on my classes. I did meet a couple of new girls who I had seen around, but really didn’t know that well. One of them is really good looking, and I get hot whenever I see her, which is uncomfortable with that damned chastity thing locked on me.

We’ve talked, and secretly I took her out one evening.

We had a couple more dates after that.

I was really happy when my grades came out at the end of the semester. Mostly “A’s” and one “B.” My parents were happy too, and my step-mother said that they would keep their bargain and let me stay with the Petersons while my aunt and Derek were gone. I had almost forgotten about staying with the Petersons.

I wondered how it would go when I told Julie I didn’t want to be tied up so much and maybe not be a slave.

During January, my aunt only tied me up once and that for just two hours. One other time my aunt said she wanted to see me in the leather cocoon that the Petersons had given me. I agreed, and on a Saturday afternoon she had me strip, put on my gag, and she laced me into the tight leather glove that so tightly binds me. She kept me in it for about an hour which was more than enough for me. I told her that I really didn’t like it as it at all and wanted to get rid of the horrid thing.

Reluctantly I got ready to move for a couple of months. My aunt helped me pack including all of my tie-up equipment and she checked to see that the chastity device was locked in place.

I took my aunt and uncle to the airport, and then drove over to the Petersons.

I am really nervous about telling Julie how I feel about things. But I know she’ll understand.

Chapter 30

February 7, 2001

To Sam’s Diary

Hi, This is Julie writing. Sam can’t write in his diary now. He can’t talk either. He can’t do much of anything. And he’s going to stay that way for a while!!

Sam has been spending some time in his bondage cocoon that we bought for him.

He’s in our living room suspended from a hook in the ceiling. He’s learning for real what it means to be a bondage slave – not just easy stuff and playing like we did at the retreat. It almost seemed like he didn’t want me to put him into the cocoon, but I convinced him that if he tried it again for a little while he would grow to love it.

Now that I have him securely bound I’m going to teach him not to date someone else when he thinks I’m not looking. I’m really angry about that. Mom and I aren’t playing around any more like we did at the retreat in Mexico. Sam is now getting his full slave training and that takes a while. Mom is teaching me what to do. When Sam is finally released from the cocoon, he’ll be very busy waiting on me or doing his homework and around here we’ll always keep him restrained in some way. I suppose I have to let him go from the cocoon fairly soon as he’s already been in it for a long time. He moans and whimpers often, but we ignore that. Mom says Dad did the same thing when she trained him.

When Dad finished his chores this morning, he walked into the living room and looked at Sam. “Poor kid,” he said. “I think he’s in over his head and I’m afraid he won’t be able to talk his way out of it.”

“Shut up Rick,” said my mother who came in and grabbed the chain that was attached to Dad’s slave collar.

“You’re about to be in the same boat.” Then Mom led Dad off to our dungeon in the basement. Sam hasn’t seen the dungeon yet, but he’s going to be there a whole lot during the next months.

Sam squirmed and made a lot of sounds when he heard Dad’s voice. I think he really wants us to let him go. Of course, the gag meant I didn’t understand him. I wasn’t going to free him anyway. He can just hang there and think about what will happen if I catch him with another girl ever again.

Like it or not Sam will be tied up in our dungeon most of the time over the next two months. We’ve told the people at college that he’s ill and we have put him on “on leave” status. So now we can keep him here all the time…so there won’t be any more diary stories from Sam. Not for a very long time.