‘Sleepsack’ – a bondage movie – coming soon…

‘The Prisoner’ remains trapped in the lair of ‘The Captor’.
To prevent escape, ‘The Prisoner’ has been placed inside a tight rubber sleepsack and has been heavily chained as well as being gagged, hooded and breath controlled. Will ‘The Prisoner’ escape his latest predicament? Find out soon…

'Sleepsack' – a bondage movie – teaser from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.

'Sleepsack' – a bondage movie – teaser 2 from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.

Story – ‘Homecoming Part 1’



As consciousness returned, I remembered what had happened and tried to sit up – I couldn’t. I found I could barely move a muscle. My arms were tied tightly behind me; I felt something tied tight around my ankles, my knees and even my thighs. My wrists were secured and my elbows were pulled painfully tight together in the small of my back. My head was enclosed in something, the smell was familiar, but I couldn’t place it. My mouth felt stuffed full of something soft, springy but tough and I could barely swallow. The contraption blindfolded me – it must have been a hood of some sort over my head.
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