Story – ‘Straightjacket – Cheap’

It figures that the subway would get stuck between stations! He said to come by at 8 pm and it was 8.20 already! The ad said “FOR SALE: LEATHER STRAIGHTJACKET – CHEAP” Because I’m late someone’s probably already beaten me to it. Ah, finally the train is moving again. I hope I’m not too late. One more stop, then two blocks from there. Jesus, its 8.30!
‘Hi’, I said, ‘I’m here about the -‘
‘You’re late’, he said, cutting me off.
‘I’m sorry; the subway got stuck between -‘
‘You should have called.’
‘I couldn’t, the -‘
‘Shut up, I’m late because of you!’
The low light inside revealed a cigarette burning in an ashtray under the lamp on a table. Nearby was a magazine of some kind, and a half finished bottle of beer. He was a handsome man with craggy good looks and appeared to be about 45. He was wearing blue jeans and black boots, belt and tee shirt. A reds smoker, just like me – the box outlined in the pocket of his tee.
‘How much?’ I asked.
‘Try it on 1st, see if it fits’
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