Alone III – ‘X’

In the third of the ‘Alone’ series of bondage videos, ‘The Prisoner’ finds himself in top to toe skintight rubber (for the first time ever) and then roped to a bondage scaffold in a tight ‘X’ shaped standing spreadeagle.

To further add to the misery of his imprisonment, he’s rubber hooded and then ballgagged.

‘The Prisoner’ is then left alone to contemplate his captivity and the ever increasing pressure and pain in his shoulders, arms and wrists.

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Alone X

‘Alone II – Hogchained’ – a bondage interlude

Wearing only a skintight rubber t-shirt, rubber boxer shorts, rubber socks and football boots, ‘The Prisoner’ was locked into a tight chain hogtie and then strapped up. He was rubber hooded and ballgagged and then left on his own to ponder his predicament, life, the universe and everything…and the inside of the tight black rubber hood.

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Alone - Hogchained

Alone II – Hogchained from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.