Video – Prisoner 09 ‘Roped Up Tight’

A few strategically placed ropes turned this session of captivity into an extremely frustrating and uncomfortable experience for the prisoner.
The prisoner’s wrists were roped behind his back, blue plastic bands were used to pin his arms to his sides. Ropes were tied around his thighs, knees and ankles. The prisoner’s ankles were then pulled up towards his thighs and roped there. His neck was also pulled down towards his thighs and roped there. Struggling was not really an option and the prisoner had virtually no capacity to move.
The usual skintight rubber hood was stretched over his head and a large plug gag was forced into his mouth and strapped tightly around his head.
The prisoner wore a PVC top and tight white PVC boxer shorts.

Story – ‘The TAG Kid’ Chapter 4 and 5

Chapter 4

May 16, 2000

To My Diary

On Saturday my aunt and Derek invited some of my friends to come after lunch and swim in their pool with me. Earlier in the day I put on my regular swim suit and then walked to the pool but Derek put me on a pad and tied my hands behind my back and more rope around my chest. He had me lay on the pad and he tied my legs and made a hog-tie and he put the ball gag in my mouth. So I was tied up again.
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Video – Prisoner 08 ‘Rubber Speedo’

This video also precedes the 24 hours in chains detailed in Prisoner 06 Weekend in Chains.
The prisoner was forced to wear a PVC t-shirt and a tight rubber speedo.
Rope was used to place the prisoner in a simple hogtie. His knees were also bound and his arms were pinned to his upper body with further lengths of rope. A chain was locked around the prisoner’s neck, passed down the front of his body, though his legs, through the rope tieing his ankles and then connected to the metal frame at the top of the bed.
The prisoner was silenced with a ball gag and head harness. A skintight rubber hood was placed over his head.
The prisoner was left to spend the morning restrained in this manner.

Video – Prisoner 07 ‘Bath Time’

The video shows how the prisoner was restrained for the afternoon preceding Prisoner 06 Weekend in Chains.
The prisoner was made to wear the usual PVC t-shirt and a pair of thin, black, silky, shiny 1980s style soccer shorts.
The prisoner’s wrists were cuffed behind his back. His arms were pinned to his sides with blue plastic banding. He was then placed in a full bath, initially sitting and then lieing on his back causing severe discomfort due to his cuffed wrists. His ankles were roped together and then attached to the taps at the other end of the bath.
The prisoner’s mouth was stuffed and then many layers of duct tape were wrapped over it and around his head completely covering the lower part of his face. The rubber hood was then pulled down over his head. The rubber and the duct tape produced a perfect seal making breathing even more difficult than usual.
For the bulk of this session the prisoner remained on his back. Towards the end – to increase his discomfort – his ankles were untied from the taps and he was turned over onto his front and his ankles were again re-attached to the taps. Keeping his rubber and duct tape covered face above the water level proved extremely difficult for the prisoner and water passing through his small breathing holes and gathering under his hood made regular and calm breathing virtually impossible.
The prisoner received a further shock when his ankles were suddenly pulled out of the water causing his head to completely submerge.
Further suffering was to follow in probably the most extreme and uncomfortable period of captivity which the prisoner has yet to face.

Story – ‘Tim the Ticklish Skatepunk’ from

I’d been watching him for several weeks now. Gliding by with his buddies he’d be, in a white T-shirt and khaki shorts, baggy, coursing elegantly over the corporate cement. I’d be hangin’ out on Saturdays, reading a novel, smoking cigarettes in the late spring warmth, thoroughly enjoying these young studs’ skate stunts (until the goddamn corporation cracked down later that year and put up signs and more security to drive them off). Several were quite nice-looking, but one stood out. About five-nine, jet-black hair of average length, heavy-boned frame, and, around his neck, oddly, a very-seventies shark tooth on a black leather cord. The young hunk was broad-shouldered and clearly well-built; he distracted me often from my book.

As I had decided to be more bold with my interest in good-looking, athletic, cocky young men, specifically desiring to explore my paternal disciplinary instincts, and the possibility of persuading one of these smirky, arrogant skatepunks into bondage and boyish tortures, I determined to strike up a conversation with this guy. . .eventually.

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Video – Prisoner 06 ‘Weekend in Chains’

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The video details the final 24 hours of the prisoner’s weekend captivity. It also shows the most uncomfortable and painful positions which have so far been endured by the prisoner.
After the period of captivity in the bath the prisoner was remained cuffed but was allowed to change out of his soccer shorts and into a tight pair of black PVC boxer shorts. The PVC t-shirt remained in place, as did the duct tape/cloth gag and the rubber hood.
The prisoner was then placed kneeling at the top of the bed. His wrists were pulled through the bars at the top of the bed and then recuffed. Ropes were then attached separately to his ankles. His ankles were then pulled wide apart and roped to the bars on the metal bed frame. This also had the effect of pulling his knees wide apart causing stress upon his upper leg muscles. A length of chain was then locked around the prisoner’s neck, the other end of this chain was pulled taut and padlocked to the metal frame at the bottom of the bed, this had the effect of pulling the prisoner’s head and upper body forwards and creating a tension on his arms behind him as they were cuffed through the bars at the top of the bed. Two more lengths of chain were then locked around the prisoner’s neck. Each of these lengths of chain were then locked to the top corners of the bed. Because the prisoner’s neck was now being pulled in three different directions by three taut lengths of chain this meant he could not move his body in any direction, backwards, forwards, left, right, up or down. His body was now in a very severe stress position which started to cause convulsions as can be seen in the video.
After a short amount of time the sweat produced on the prisoner’s head caused the duct tape gag to slip and become ineffective. The duct tape was then removed, the cloth was left in the prisoner’s mouth and a ball gag and head harness was tightly strapped over the top of it.
After a period of roughly 70/80 mins the prisoner was released from this punishing position ready for his night time of bondage. His wrists remained cuffed behind his back and his ankles were loosely shackled together and chained to the bottom of the bed. The two chains connecting his neck to the top of the bed remained in place.
In the early hours of the morning the prisoner’s wrists were recuffed in front of him.
The following morning the prisoner was allowed limited freedom for an hour or so, however, his ankles remained chained and the cuffs stayed on. The ball gag was removed but the rubber hood also remained on.
The prisoner was allowed to change out of the PVC boxer shorts and into rubber cycling shorts.
The prisoner was then rechained to the bed in a similar but less painful stress position as had been used the night before. His wrists were loosely shackled and attached behind him to the top of the bed, his ankles were also loosely chained behind him. The three point neck chains were again placed around his neck limiting his overall movement and creating discomfort. After a period of time the prisoner was allowed to sit with his ankles in front of him. For the remaining hour of the morning the prisoner was placed into more restrictive restraints. His wrists were recuffed in front of him and then attached to tightened ankle chains.
To complete the weekend the prisoner was subjected to an extended session in one position. He was laid out on the bed, his wrists were pulled above his head and cuffed through the bed frame, his ankles were pulled down to the bottom of the bed and locked into place there. The prisoner remained in this stretched out position for around eight hours. His tight rubber shorts again demonstrate the effects of sustained captivity.
The prisoner had been in captivity since Saturday morning and had spent 24 hours from Saturday evening to Sunday evening in complete chain restraint.