Story – ‘In Custody’

His hands almost shook when he read the letter. It was printed on an old-style line printer. The letterhead was that of the District Attorney, and he was the addressee.

“The defendant is find guilty of all of the charges. For reckless driving the sentence is 20 days in prison, an open container of alcohol in a vehicle is 20 days in prison. For disturbing the peace 20 days in prison. All of the prison sentences are to be served consecutively.” stood on the letter.

“I guess I made a really poor decision. That’s an real understatement!” he thought. Speeding and trying to loose the police who tried to pull him over wasn’t the cleverest thing to do.

Now he was faced with this letter. It indicated that a warrant had been sworn out for his arrest. The Crown agreed to drop the charge of avoiding arrest, but they wouldn’t budge on other driving offenses. He never dreamed that he could land in prison! For two months!
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Video – Prisoner 00 ‘Extreme Chain Captivity’

Perfect restraint if a kidnap victim is to be locked into a small cage, cupboard, locker or cell, or even nailed into a crate for storage or transport.
The prisoner’s wrists were cuffed behind his back. He was placed sitting in a cross legged position and his ankles were chained together. A chain was then padlocked around his neck and pulled forwards until it could be fastened to his ankle restraints. Shortening the length of chain between his neck and his ankles produced a very simple but powerful form of captivity.
The prisoner was made to wear a PVC top and loose fitting silver Nike soccer shorts.
A golf ball was duct taped into place in his mouth and the usual skintight rubber hood was applied.