Plastic Bags and Breath Control

I’ve posted a survey on my OnlyFans page concerning the use plastic bags and breath control in bondage situations. See the photo attached to this post.

You can find the survey at

I’ve done this because I had a one day ban on Twitter today because I’d posted an excerpt from a longer video in which I’m tied up and a plastic bag is used to breath control torture me.

This situation was, of course, fully consensual and I had allowed myself to be tied up, gagged and then bagged.

Twitter weren’t happy about it despite the fact that I had posted the video before with no issues. I suspect that someone may have complained by flagging it up to the Twitter police.

If you have a view on bagging in bondage situations, either as the victim or the person in charge of the bag, then go and vote in the OnlyFans survey at

Drop a comment at the bottom of this post if you don’t have an OnlyFans account. I’m interested to hear all perspectives.

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