Rubber Convert – Full Movie Edition

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A football player is kidnapped, tied up, brainwashed and forced to face his future as a rubber bondage drone.

This is a full length edition of the ‘Rubber Convert’ two part bondage movie previously uploaded in 2017.

Watch the full video at

2 Replies to “Rubber Convert – Full Movie Edition”

  1. I’m gonna liveblog this motherfucker!

    0-2:10 Great opening montage. LOVE the editing and sequence of images here, very efficiently sets up the premise and establishes the mood of menace and foreboding. I just love how professional this bit looks, and the sounds here are equally impressive. Ambient environmental cues, horror movie moments, smatterings of social voices, etc etc. Just great work overall.

    2:11 – 3:45 More fantastic layering of image, sound, and sequence. The sound effects here are especially striking and really set the table for what comes. Your predicament is revealed, your initial bondage glimpsed, the setting displayed as appropriately severe and haunting, all while the credits roll. Well done!

    4:25 LOVE the subjective POV when he wraps your head in the film. NICE touch!

    14:06 Ful on junk shot, first of many such delights. I always laugh when you post disclaimers with your videos about how there’s no sexual content and if that’s what you want then go elsewhere etc, and then the videos are strewn with lingering shots of your engorged, throbbing member straining against fabric or rubber. Technically you’re right but come now!

    18:44 After a lengthy sequence documenting the initial bondage in exquisite detail, I love the shot here of your exhausted taking stock of your evident situation, that wonderful “this cannot be happening” moment. We can see the weariness already taking over and you have no idea what extended tortures and mindfucks lie ahead. Delicious.

    20:50 Somehow your shorts look even more nearly-transparent, barely concealing your genitals, as the cling wrap begins to encase you. This has a very superhero in peril feel, very erotic. When as a kid I used to watch reruns of the campy old Batman TV series, I always got a sort of pre-sexual “tingling funny feeling” when a diabolical villain would tie up Batman and Robin and then show them a huge device or machine that would soon annihilate them in some fantastical way (like a conveyor belt that would take a tied-up hero through a mechanism that would transform him into an object of some kind). I loved the idea of “being shown your horrible fate” that way.

    21:45 The reveal of the captor’s mask and black apron add a further layer to the horror movie flavor. Great touches! This will not end well for the prisoner, and that’s how I like it. I sort of hate it when at the end of online porn clips like Bound Gods, there’s always a bit at the end where the actors are shown laughing and chatting “out of character,” as if to reassure us that it was all safe, sane, and consensual, all good wholesome fun. Ugh, what a boner killer. Leave me my wonderful fantasies of extremity please.

    24:15 Another great POV shot, as the headphones are placed on your head, indicating for the first time that this will not simply be physical restraint, that there will be some manner of mindfuck involved. Upping the ante!

    24:35. A pharmaceutical element has been suggested! And did that label say “conversion stage 1 audio”? Conversion? Gulp! This is starting to sound like far more than mere physical bondage. Very hot.

    26:00 First hearing of the famous “rubber conversion” mind-altering audio. I think this is when I first came close to orgasm when I saw this the first time. This idea goes right to the murky depths of my twisted subconscious mind. I’ve wanted to forcibly convert someone ever since seeing this.

    28:22 My Batman moment! The captor shows you your future. So evil, so erotic. “This is your destiny.” The horror movie chord stab there is perfect. A harrowing moment for the prisoner, yet how his cock visibly swells!

    29:02 The prepping of the hypodermic. This is escalating quickly! I imagine this is about where a number of more casual viewers and sort of milquetoast bondage “fans” switched off, only the hardcore want to know where this is going next. This willingness to those dark places is why I love HB productions so much. Middle of the road is boring and well-covered terrain.

    30:00 Your mental descent commences as the drug courses through your body. All hope is now lost, your conversion is now unstoppable. HOT! Effective woozy, blurred visual effect here as the patient captor waits for the drug to do its work so he can get down to the business of transforming you into something utterly different, something less than human. Your conversion will be methodical and emotionless, all captured on video.

    31:19 “You ARE a rubber object…” as consciousness finally fades. The fight is lost, the struggle over. Chilling and so erotic.

    32:24 The first time I saw you being laid out on that table in full rubber gimp suit I nearly creamed m’trousers. Nuff said. The rest of the video from here on out is basically my favorite thing ever. I have been urgently looking to do this to someone ever since. I love how you take your time showing every moment of this bondage sequence, every buckle and snap, every close-up of gleaming black rubber. You know the fetishists die over each lingering moment. Watching all evidence of human flesh subsumed beneath anonymous black rubber, see your individuality disappear, is highly erotic to me.

    45:00 Your thrashing reaction to the bondage here looks like a genuine panic moment to me. Was it? If not, you’re a wonderful actor. It looks to me like someone genuinely about to lose his shit.

    50:40 The addition of cling wrap is wonderful overkill. I can only imagine what intense claustrophobia is pummeling your mind at this moment.

    58:15 The justly notorious “You Are A Rubber Object” brainwashing video. A tour de force. Fucking brilliant and incredibly arousing. My desire to inflict conversion on some hapless victim comes straight from this video within the video. You corrupted me you fiend! This hallucinatory montage of phantasmagorical images, strobe effects, and shocking blasts of white noise is so perfect and so effective as to thwart rational analysis. The pace and rhythm of the sequence sneakily builds to a crescendo and then suddenly the outcome is revealed — you are now a full-on rubber gimp, no longer a man, a chained, spreadeagled, permanently and irreversibly dehumanized rubber toy awaiting its new existence to commence. An object, a mere thing, who was once a human being. The placement of the gasmask is the final harrowing touch in your total transformation from man to object. You are now a possession and will be treated as such. History annihilated, humanity erased, destiny sealed.

    This is your masterpiece, in my opinion, and will be very difficult to top. Of course I’ve long wished for a sequel to this film, to find out to what degrading uses the newly-created gimp is put. But as a standalone creation it’s already deeply satisfying, and you should know that I somehow almost always manage to withhold my orgasm till the very end, and then I aim my first blast at your chained, spreadeagled form at the very end, wishing you a lifetime of dehumanized servitude at the mercy of a demented dom.

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