All My Videos…

BS05 Video Thumbnail

…have been gathered together in one place. They’ve been categorised and tagged to make it easier to find something which might appeal. If you like mummification, click on the ‘mummification’ tag. If you like spreadeagle bondage then click on the ‘spreadeagle’ tag…and so on.

All the new videos will have links as soon as they’re available. Please visit or click the image above if you’re interested in viewing my bondage adventures!!

2 Replies to “All My Videos…”

  1. Great to see all of them together, really demonstrates the range of predicaments and situations in which you’ve been bound and toyed with, as well as the sheer number of polished video productions you’ve produced for our delectation. One posture you’ve not done to my recollection, which I’ve very much wanted to see you in, is to have you on all fours, wrists and ankles bound to the surface, neck as well (collar chained to the table, forcing your hooded head down in a submissive pose), cock caged and teased with the wand. Perhaps in full rubber? Bound to a sort of ceremonial platform or display box, panting from exertion and arousal, gas-masked. I like the “put on display for master’s pleasure” aspect. I think you’d look great. More than great. Might be a good opportunity to have the camera in motion, to get the full 360 view! Anyway, thanks for all the great videos. The sustained TLC and thousands of hours of effort are amaziing.

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