Alone VII – Cross

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‘The Prisoner’ has been fully covered with skintight rubber and chained to a cross…and left alone…

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This video shows extended bondage and captivity with no sexual elements. If this doesn’t interest you then go elsewhere. If you’ve enjoyed this video then please ‘like’ it and leave a comment.

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3 Replies to “Alone VII – Cross”

  1. I found this intensely erotic. Your postures of suffering were glorious, as was your writhing body imprisoned entirely in black rubber. You were transformed into a toy to be teased and played with. There’s something about the vulnerability of those spread eagle type poses that always gets me hard. Someday I want to see the prisoner cum in one of these videos, but that would just be frosting (!) on the cake. A+.

  2. i was reminded of many times my bondage partner put me in this situation. The differences; leather combat boots, a full coverage 4 mm wetsuit, bare neoprene, inside and out, metal leg and wrist manacles, and Not agreed to but no choice a leather 2 inch collar around my neck, locked, and connected to a cross bar above my head so I HAD to stand up fully or choke, he was an EMT nurse, that first time, he gently and carefully inserted a tube down my throat, feeding it in until the gag at the end filled my mouth (tube through it), strapped it around my neck, locked it, placed ear plugs in, and had taped over the inside of the eye ports, then sealed my head in a gas mask like yours. What he had done was placed the breathing tube past my vocal chords, I could breath perfectly, but could Not make any sound. It was terrifying, NO sound, sight or hearing. Hour after hour my lower back and hips ached, my shoulders popping out and would have been screaming if I could, legs buckling, choking,roasting, crying for getting in the situation, I didn’t know if he was there, couldn’t get out, on and on, finally my legs buckled, couldn’t stand, thought I was dead, then felt the collar coming off, NOTHING ELSE, my legs buckled again, hanging by my wrists. Later, he got me out, popped my shoulders back in. It had been 12 hours, YOU know what that feels like, No way out, the pain, but the incredible feeling of living through every second, He did MANY more ‘creative’ things over the years, one laying spread eagle, head sealed the same way for 72 excruciating hours. Many of your videos remind me of the years. My speaker cable failed, so the video was silent, as I was forced to be. BTW he’s a very good doctor now, but still on call. Be safe, but keep going.. Most people have no idea of true long term bondage, but it can be addictive.

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