Alone VI – ‘Meditation’

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A soccer kit clad Prisoner is chained up and then left on his own to contemplate his life as a bondage object…

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This video shows extended bondage and captivity with no sexual elements. If this doesn’t interest you then go elsewhere. If you’ve enjoyed this video then please ‘like’ it and leave a comment.

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2 Replies to “Alone VI – ‘Meditation’”

  1. “Meditation” was very good, however you guys really did a great job on the Heavy Bondage Movie parts 1 & 2. Very enjoyable!
    1.). Why are you leaving Vimeo? Will you be more difficult to access at your new ‘home’?
    2.). I would truely love to see more flesh pressing hard against the chains. Whadda ya say?

    1. Pleased you’re enjoying the videos. Thank you.
      I’m not leaving Vimeo by choice. Months ago, they sent me an email stating that I had to remove all videos containing bondage within seven days. Obviously, I didn’t…and since then, nothing else has happened. But I’m still expecting the account to suddenly disappear at some point. I just don’t know when.
      And as for your second point…you’ll see chains pressing hard against skintight rubber in the not too distant future. Will that suffice?

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