Scally Caged!

TUP 06 montage

This is a test embed of one of my new videos. I’m trying this because it looks like Vimeo will be deleting my page will all of my other videos. Please view the video from this embed and feedback to me. Does the video stream okay? Is the quality okay and so on? Please comment below the video and let me know.

If you want to view the video fullscreen then you see there is an icon at the top right of the video which says ‘Pop-Out’ when you hover over it. Click on this and the video will open in a new window where you’ll be able to play it full screen.

Thank you!

Dave Tie ‘Em Up likes to keep Scally Lads caged and stored out of the way. All that expensive Adidas and Nike gear looks so much better when bound with chain.

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