‘Rubbered Up, Tied Up, Strung Up!’

Private Andrews especially enjoyed making Heavy Bondage suffer with a suspended hogtie. In fact, he enjoyed it so much that he decided to do it all over again…only this time, Heavy Bondage was made to wear skintight rubber gear…and so his suffering continued…
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Rubbered Up, Tied Up, Strung Up! from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.


5 Replies to “‘Rubbered Up, Tied Up, Strung Up!’”

  1. Deeply pleasurable to see you suffer so much. The inflatable gag is a sinister touch. Private Andrews’ increasing physical and verbal abuse of you is also very welcome. He’s not just going about his business, he’s now actively contemptuous of his prey. He even kicked you! I LOVE the way your fine ass flexes so much under that tight rubber, too. Delicious.

    1. The inflatable gag is terrifying when it’s pumped up high. It fills up every part of my mouth. Notice how quiet it made me go at one point when I had to really concentrate on taking air in through my nose.

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