‘Your Are A Rubber Object’ – Brainwash Video

Lots of people have asked for this so here it is. This is the brainwashing video that was used in ‘Rubber Convert – A Bondage Movie’.
You can watch the full movie at vimeo.com/233078897
Big thanks must go to all the rubber objects out there whose images appear in this video.
We take no responsibility for any feelings of desire for rubber or bondage which come from watching this video 😉

'You Are A Rubber Object' – Brainwashing Video from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.

3 Replies to “‘Your Are A Rubber Object’ – Brainwash Video”

  1. This video left me breathless when I first saw it. The way the images are manipulated, slowed down, etc, with sound effects added, really brings the darkly sinister/erotic aspects of rubber to the surface. The crucifixion one is so much hotter in this context than in its original presentation. Mood is so important!

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