Roped, Wrapped, Trapped! – Video and Photo Gallery

Heavybondage went to the seaside for a relaxing break. Unfortunately, thanks to Private Andrews, instead of seeing the beautiful coast, Heavy Bondage spent his time tied up, wrapped up and held prisoner well away from the glorious coastal scenery.

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2 Replies to “Roped, Wrapped, Trapped! – Video and Photo Gallery”

  1. Wow another video already, damn. I love how you messed up the gag and he had to gag you again. Awesome video as always!

  2. When he dragged you to the chair I thought ….nice touch . when he gagged you i could feel the gag reflex kick in. But…..when the bandages came out and he wrapped your head all the way I thought YESSSSSSS. This is as always an EXCELLENT horny vid that many would envy.
    I WISH that at some point you would reconsider your sub feelings and think of doing this to me . in full rubber of course but just as physical.

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