Rubber Bob – Rubber Fetish Gear for Men


On Thursday, this week (1st June 2017), I ordered a bespoke design rubber hood from a gentleman who I’d recently been made aware of – Rubber Bob.

Today, (3rd June 2017), the rubber hood arrived…and because of the quality of service I received, and the level of communication between myself and Rubber Bob, I would like to recommend him to anyone who has an interest in rubber fetish gear.

This information is taken from his website…bobpic

‘Rubber Bob is an established maker of rubber wear and gear for men. Every item is hand made in his workshop, by a small team of two, namely himself and Strappa.

strappaStrappa is the other team member and is more than Bob’s right arm. Strappa enjoys making Rubber gear and likes to add his own individual style to all the gear he makes. Strappa particularly enjoys making Rubber suits and Chaps. He takes great pride in getting an accurate fit.

Bob gladly accepts visitor appointments for measurements and fittings. To arrange this, simply contact Bob on the day you wish to visit. Daytime and evening appointments are available.

To keep costs down and offer you the excellent value for money Rubber gear you on his website, Bob does not accept credit cards or other such costly ways to pay. Instead, Bob accepts cash, both dirty and clean, cheques, so long as they are NOT made of rubber (only rubber thing bob doesn’t like) and bankers direct credit for all the overseas customers Bob has.’

Rubber Bob offers bespoke designs on many of the items he offers. Customisation is offered as part of the ordering process and Rubber Bob also offers several ways to communicate with him via his website.

If rubber is your thing (and why wouldn’t it be?) then please give his website a visit at:-

All the items below (and many more) can be ordered and customised through his website…and many examples of the more extreme customisation which Rubber Bob offers can be found at:-

If you do visit the Rubber Bob website and decide to buy something, please tell him you came from the Heavy Bondage blog!

2 Replies to “Rubber Bob – Rubber Fetish Gear for Men”

  1. Incredible gear. Beautifully cut with attention to detail. I think your
    guy in the full German gear looks smart. Perhaps complimented with a silver cigarette lighter and case, a // tie pin and a // ring.

  2. Hi please tel me on 07511285002 as I want to work for you as I want to be your model in modelling your rubber gear Reguards Sheldon

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