Story – ‘How To Teach A Straight Boy A Lesson’ Part 1

I think the most important thing I could possibly tell you is that I’m straight.

The idea of anything involving my asshole or another guy’s cock repulses me beyond imagination. I like pussy, end of story. I’ve always been attracted to cute little blonde girls, and the more the let me walk all over them the better. Unfortunately, I seem to go through girlfriends faster than a roll of Charmin.

Anyways, one girl I dated for a while was named Maggie. She was about 5’2″ with bleach blonde hair and a nice rack, so basically my type. We met at the local bar, Twenty Two, one of my favorite haunts, and ended up going back to my place. Needless to say, it was a good night if you know what I mean. After that, we kept seeing each other for a while, but then I met Alexa — who had way better boobs and a smaller waist. I was pysched, Alexa was into me, right off the bat we started sleeping together, and Maggie was out of the picture.

Or so I thought.

I was meeting Alexa at Twenty Two for drinks and hopefully taking her back to my apartment afterward. I had on a pair of nice, dark jeans, a light blue button-up with a white T-shirt underneath, and my most expensive brown leather shoes. My long, dark hair hung around my face in perfectly messy waves, and even in the low light of the bar my bright blue eyes stood out from my tanned skin. I knew I looked good, and Alexa obviously realized it too.

She was sitting up at the bar, sipping at some fruity cocktail that was inevitably going on my tab, looking smoking hot in this little black number I couldn’t even begin to describe. My cock nearly jumped for joy at the very sight of her. I got into the seat next to her, ordered some vodka on the rocks, and just when I was about to start sweet-talking her, she put her hand over mine.

“Seth,” she said quietly, a devious smile on her lips. “Let’s not waste our time here, alright? Come on. Let’s go back to your place.”

Magic words. I instantly leapt off my seat like my ass had been burned, grabbed her arm and steered her out the front door. We’d just passed the convenience store nearby when two pairs of arms reached out from a dark alley and pulled me in.


I, obviously, shrieked in terror like a little girl as they threw me to the ground. A swift kick to the gut had me gasping for breath but successfully shut me up. One of the pairs of hands wrestled my arms behind my back and handcuffed them there. My panic only increased, my screams resuming.

“Seth!” an all too familiar voice shouted angrily at me. “Shut the fuck up!”

I forced myself to lift my head off the dirty cement to better get my bearings. Four people were standing in the alley: the two guys who had grabbed me, neither of which looked at all familiar, Alexa, and… Maggie.

“Maggie?” I whispered hoarsely, stunned. “What the fuck is going on?!”

Maggie sighed. “I guess I do owe you an explanation,” she muttered, taking a few steps closer to me. I lifted myself up into a sitting position, pressing my back against the wall so I could look her in the eye.

“Alexa,” she explained, indicating my hot date with a sweep of her hand, “is one of my best friends. She just moved in with me the other week. We’ve known each other since grade school. Once we realized we’d both dated the same idiot, and that you’d totally used us… We knew we had to do something.”

Alexa moved to stand next to Maggie. That devious grin was back, but this time I saw it for what it really was. She’d totally set me up. They both had.

“You are such a fucking pig,” Alexa spat. She pressed her spike heel into my crotch until I cried out in pain. “You think you can just get away with using women like this? Well,” she scoffed, grinding her shoe into my balls so tears sprung into my eyes. “You’ve got another thing coming to you.”

The two guys leaned down to get me, each one grabbing one of my arms and hoisting me to my feet. “You stupid bitches!” I screamed as I struggled for all I was worth. “Fucking cunts!” But the guys were far bigger and stronger than I was. I had absolutely no chance against them.

Suddenly, a black pickup truck pulled in front of the alley. “Ah, your ride’s here,” Maggie announced, patting me on the shoulder. “Well, I hope you have a nice weekend. Should be a really great learning experience for you.”

That said, the guys began dragging me toward the truck. One attached metal cuffs on my ankles, hardly any chain in between, before they lifted my body and threw me into the bed of the truck. A rope was attached to my handcuffs and to my ankle cuffs, hog-tying me and rendering me helpless.

“No!” I screamed in complete terror. The guys climbed into the truck bed with me before closing it. I felt the engine rev. “Maggie! Alexa! No!”

“Bye Seth,” the both said sweetly in unison before the truck pulled away with a rumble and a jerk .


My heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest. I was sweating profusely from both my struggles and my fear. The cuffs were biting into my wrists and ankles painfully, but I hardly noticed; I would have gladly cut off my hands and feet to be free.

“Please,” I begged, practically sobbing. “Please, you gotta let me go. Don’t do this to me, please!”

One of the guys shifted a little, reaching over to grab something. The keys to the cuffs, I thought desperately. But suddenly a black rubber ball gagwas pressed between my teeth, straps on either side being pulled around my head and fastened tightly in the back. I screamed into the gag, fighting it for all I was worth, but it was well-secured and going nowhere. I heard the unmistakeable sounds of duct tape being pulled off a roll and torn, and then a large silver piece was pressed down over my eyes. I was immobile, speechless, and blind. I’d never been more terrified in my life. Where were these guys taking me?


A long, silent ride later, the truck finally came to a stop and the engine died down. I was sore from lying on the hard bottom of the truck bed, hog-tied; I was completely disoriented; and I was absolutely scared shitless.

I heard the door to the bed open and then four individual hands gripped my arms, pulling me out. I tried to talk through the gag, determined to convince these guys to let me go, but no intelligible sound came out of my mouth. Before long, all I did was sob.

“God, he better shut the fuck up,” one of the guys mumbled as they carried me along. I fought them every step of the way, but they seriously overpowered me. This was the first time I’d heard either of them spoke, and I wished so badly that I could answer.

“Don’t worry, Matt and Chris will fix him up,” the other one responded, grunting with the effort of carrying me. Suddenly they dropped me, and I landed hard on my side on a brick stoop. I heard one of them ring the doorbell, and after a few moments, the knob turned and the door swung open.

“Excellent,” I heard a new voice murmur, and I could practically feel his eyes raking my body even with my vision obscured. “Bring him inside, would you?”

The guys lifted my body up again, and even though I twisted and writhed in their grip they still managed to deposit me inside the house. I yelled unintelligibly through the gag, squirming around on the floor but not truly getting anywhere. With the duct tape over my eyes, I didn’t even know which way the door was. But I wasn’t just going to lie still.

I heard the sound of paper rustling, and realized the guy in the house was paying the two “delivery boys” who had brought me here. After saying their thank you’s, the door opened and closed again, and there was a brief silence.

I heard footsteps approach me, and suddenly a hand tore the tape off my eyes. I yelped in pain, certain half my eyebrows would be missing, but quickly focused on taking in my surroundings.

“Mmm mm!” I demanded fiercely, making the guy laugh. He had a deep laugh and a deep voice, which matched his extremely large, muscled, tanned body. His head and face were clean shaven, small silver hoops in his ears, his eyes a deep green. He was wearing a pair of expensive looking jeans and a simple, tight black t-shirt. He crouched down next to me, surveying me like a piece of meat at the market.

“My name is Chris,” he told me, reaching out a running a rough hand through my long hair.

“Mm!” I yelled again, jerking my head back, trying to convey to him that I didn’t give a flying fuck what his name was; I just wanted out.

“My partner Matt should be back in an hour or so. I’ve got to get you all ready before he comes home.” I didn’t like the devious smile spreading on his face one bit. He pulled a pocket knife out of his jeans and I began screaming in terror, but all he did was slice the rope hog-tying my arms to my ankles. I pulled them apart gratefully, thankful to be able to straighten my aching legs.

He grabbed onto my waist and jerked me to my feet before readjusting his grip, hoisting me into the air, and throwing me over one of his large shoulders. I tried to kick and fight him, but I was still well-secured in the cuffs. I couldn’t deny that I was amazed at how strong he was. He’d lifted and tossed me like a rag doll.

“Okay, buddy,” Chris said, putting me down none too gently on the cold tile floor of a bathroom. “Your jaws hurt?” he asked, almost sounding concerned. I nodded my head wearily. “Well, if I take the gag out, you better shut up,” he warned. I nodded my head again and he leaned down and unbuckled the gag. I immediately spat it out and opened my mouth to talk.

“No,” Chris said reprimanded me sharply, digging the toe of his boot into my gut. I groaned in pain, but otherwise kept quiet. I didn’t want him to put that thing back in, so I figured I’d be better off listening to him. And this gave me a chance to call for help later.

“Lie on your back,” he instructed, and before I could move he used his boot again to roll me over. I was lying on my cuffed hands, and they quickly began to feel numb. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t seem to care.

Chris went over to the medicine cabinet and took out an electric razor. I panicked, thinking he was going to shave off my precious hair, and I quickly began squirming all over the place. “No, please!” I begged him, cowering in the corner I’d managed to get into.

“I’m not shaving your head, idiot,” Chris snapped, grabbing one of my legs and yanking me back into the center of the bathroom. “And even if I was, you wouldn’t have a choice.” He sat down on my gut, facing my feet, and undid my belt and fly. He ripped my pants down until they were around my knees, only further immobilizing my legs. I yelled in terror as my precious genitals were exposed, and suddenly he squeezed my balls. Hard.

“Shut. The fuck. Up,” he growled at me, holding my balls threateningly in his giant hand. I stopped yelling immediately, afraid he’d rip them off if I kept it up. The only sound in the room was my panting, and then that was drowned out by the buzz of the razor. My heartbeat roared in my ears.

I whimpered unhappily as he began shaving my pubic hair off, but the process was pretty quick and painless, and soon I was completely bald down there. He even shaved every little hair off my balls, something I’d never bothered to do.

He got up off of me, slipped his boot under my back, and flipped me over roughly onto my stomach. He grabbed my hips and yanked my bare ass up in the air. With one hand he spread my cheeks, and with the other he shaved my ass bare. I was too terrified he’d hurt my favorite part of my anatomy if I moved, so I held stock still. My whimpering continued, but he didn’t shut me up.

Finished, he stepped back to admire his work. “All done,” he muttered. He put the razor back into the medicine cabinet, pulled out some lotion, and proceeded to rub it all over where he’d just shaved.

I jerked back in surprise when the cold product hit my very bare skin. “Don’t touch me, you fucking creep!” I shouted at him. The shaving was one thing, but this felt almost… intimate. It was disgusting.

He simply laughed in my face, held me down, and finished the task. “If you think that’s bad, you’re certainly in for an interesting weekend,” he muttered. I felt my stomach twist up into a thousand knots at that sentence. Why had he shaved me? What the fuck was I in for?

Chris took a set of keys out his pocket and undid the shackles on my ankles. Then he grabbed the back of my shirt, hoisted me to my feet, and yanked my pants and underwear down around my ankles. “Step out of them,” he demanded, and I resolutely stood my ground. With an angry sound, he swatted at my balls, sending a wave of debilitating pain through my groin. I practically fell to the ground, but instead I quickly stepped out of my pants, afraid of another blow.

“Good boy,” he muttered, picking up the clothes and tossing them into a small black garbage bag. Next he unshackled my wrists, but before I could even think about fighting him or grabbing a phone or whatever, he wrapped a threatening hand around my balls again.

“Take your shirt off,” he growled. Trembling in his hold, I quickly shed my shirt, tossing it on the ground next to me. He quickly shackled my arms back up and threw the shirt in the bag.

He stood up and surveyed my shaking body. “You scared?” he asked, one side of his mouth tipping up in a grin. His hand shot out to grip my chin, his eyes only inches away from my own. I quickly averted my gaze, my heart feeling like it was going to positively explode out of my chest.

“Hmph,” he said appreciatively, letting go. “Not half as scared as you’re gonna be.”

I swallowed down on the lump in my throat. But with a lurch, my stomach lost it. I desperately twisted around to try and find the toilet, but with all my shackles I was off balance and I simply tumbled to the ground, spewing vomit. Not much more came out than spit and whatever drinks I’d consumed earlier, but it was still quite disgusting as I landed in it and it dripped down my chin.

Chris let out a loud, pained groan. “You fucking idiot,” he cursed, reaching down to grab my hair in one hand and my upper arm in the other. He hoisted me up and positively threw me — shrieking and jerking with pain — into the bathtub. He turned the shower on, the knob turned to COLD, and the freezing spray hit my skin like little ice pellets. My shrieking only escalated, but after a minute I felt him shove the ball gag home again, silencing me.

My body shivered violently, almost convulsively where I lay in the tub, my lips quickly turning blue, my skin covered in goose bumps. He scrubbed the vomit off me and the floor with a washcloth, looking beyond furious the entire time. Finally, he shut the water off.

I felt positively hypothermic. The one good thing about the cold shower was that it had knocked me so senseless I wasn’t even aware of my nausea anymore. Chris grabbed me by the hair and upper arm again and lifted me painfully up and out of the bathtub. I could hardly stand I was shivering so hard. My teeth would’ve been chattering had my jaws not been stretched wide by the gag.

Chris replaced the ankle restraints with a pair that had more chain between them, so I was hobbled but able to walk. He then took out a very long, thick chain and a fat padlock out his pocket. He wrapped the chain around my neck and used the padlock to secure it into a collar with a lead. Without bothering to dry me off, he yanked on the lead, tugging me out of the bathroom. I stumbled along, too numb to fight him, my newly shaved skin chafing painfully.

Chris pulled me along through the house, into a back room with no windows and only one door. He turned a single, naked light bulb on which hung in the center of the room, and it dimly illuminated an iron, four-poster bed, a large Saint Andrew’s cross, multiple examining tables, cages, and hundreds of different objects hanging on the wall.

I let out an “Mmm!” of unhappiness, my knees stiffening as I dug my heels into the ground.

“Ohh, no you don’t,” Chris muttered, giving the lead a hard tug so I was forced forward. Once he’d dragged me into the center of the room, he attached the chain he was holding to a pulley system, then cranked it so the chain was lifted high above my head until I could hardly breathe. I felt like I was being hanged.

I continued to yell at him, quite unsuccessfully, through the gag. He went around the perimeter of the room, looking for something, and I twirled in my shackles so that he never left my sight. Finally he picked up a complicated looking lump of leather and metal, which he began attempting to force over my head.

“Mm mm!” I screamed at him, but he slammed his knee so hard into my balls that I saw stars. Moaning in pain, drool dripping down my chin, he ripped the gag out of my mouth and got the leather hood over my head, fastening all the various straps and buckles until I couldn’t see, couldn’t open my jaw, and could hardly hear.

“Matt should be home soon,” I distanttly heard Chris say before I was left all alone, shackled and hooded and strung up by my neck.

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