Alone IV – ‘Y’

In the fourth of the ‘Alone’ series of bondage videos, ‘The Prisoner’ finds himself wearing a top to toe skintight rubber suit. His hands are placed in bondage mittens and chained high and wide to a ceiling beam and his ankles are chained together. To further add to the misery of his imprisonment, he is ballgagged and his head is then placed in a claustrophobic, breath restricting double fronted rubber hood. ‘The Prisoner’ is then left alone to contemplate his captivity and to figure out how, exactly, he manages to get himself into these situations in the first place.

Alone - Y

4 Replies to “Alone IV – ‘Y’”

  1. Mmmm another great video. Loving the all in one rubber suit once again, my absolute favourite look on you. Paired with that heavy rubber double layered hood, what a great choice by your captor. The close up shots of your head when he zipped up the mouth piece and then the outer layer were delish! I love multiple rubber layering, especially on the head. I wonder could you have coped with a gas mask over the top of that hood? Maybe too intense? Or maybe I’m just being greedy? Lol

    Thanks again for sharing.

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