‘Yule Tied’

Here’s a little bit more X shaped spreadeagle captivity from which our rubber-clad prisoner simply could not escape…but this time, ‘The Captor’ decided to make ‘The Prisoner’ a little more seasonal by turning him into a shiny blue rubber Christmas decoration.

Watch the full FREE video at https://onlyfans.com/85732272/heavy_bondage

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from ‘The Captor’ and ‘The Prisoner’.

Yule Tied 2016

One Reply to “‘Yule Tied’”

  1. What a wonderful festive scene….such pretty twinkly lights dangling over the prisoner, the rubber shimmering a blue hue. Particularly liked the close ups of the lights next to a certain bulge….

    Oh and the addition of the S10 was an extra treat!! Can’t imagine how you got the idea for this seasonal delight. ;-D Thank you!

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