Photo Gallery – ‘Gimped Up’

So what’s the appeal of going into full on gimp mode?

Is it the sensation of having skintight rubber or leather clinging to every single part of the body? Is it the complete loss of identity which comes from being encased top to toe in a skintight black shiny material? Or is it the pure objectification which comes from being fully rubbered up, bondaged up and then turned into someone’s rubber play thing?

Who knows? But it definitely DOES appeal…

These photos were all taken from the internet and credit where credit is due. If you own any of these photos and would like them credited or removed then please contact me directly.

One Reply to “Photo Gallery – ‘Gimped Up’”

  1. Who knows indeed! But is such a hot look!!! Love the images you posted, my favourite being the guy wearing a gas mask with a rebreather and some heavy boots. Yum!!

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