‘#blackmail’ the movie – part 3

Following instructions received in an email, the failed escapologist known only as ‘The Prisoner’ finds himself at the hands of a captor who really knows how to put him into ‘Heavy Bondage’.

In the third and final part of this escape challenge, ‘The Prisoner’ finds himself ballgagged under a full enclosure rubber hood and heavily chained in a standing spreadeagle.

Will he be able to escape before his captor stretches him out further and further? Watch and find out!

Watch the full movie at https://onlyfans.com/62683694/heavy_bondage

Blackmail Part 3

6 Replies to “‘#blackmail’ the movie – part 3”

  1. That’s really intense! How long did you stay like that? Your captor clearly knows how to make someone suffer!!! Amazing, thank you!
    Love your mummification video btw, wish there was more struggling though!!

    1. Unsure exactly how long, really. The main camera has approximately 90 minutes recorded but that includes breaks in recording…so I guess I was there for at least 90 minutes. And this does follow on directly from Parts 1 and 2. Part 3 could easily have been an hour and a half long but for a lot of the time, especially when the red light section starts, I’m just hanging there feeling a bit worn out and trying the deal with the discomfort caused by the stretching and also concentrating on taking in enough air through the nose holes in the rubber hood…an ‘interesting’ way to pass the time!
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Lovely final part to your ordeal. I’m in awe at you enduring that tight rubber hood with ball gag underneath whilst your limbs are so tightly stretched apart. Bet you ached for ages once released! Your captor seemed to enjoy himself, ever increasing the intensity of the bondage. 🙂

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  3. Can’t get enough of this series of “Heavy Bondage” videos. Please keep filming and sharing your style of bondage. There is a universal need for more. MMMPPPHHH MOANING and GROANING. Keep struggling.

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