‘#blackmail’ the movie – part 1

Here’s Part 1 of The Prisoner’s full encounter with his new captor. This is what happens when self bondage goes badly wrong 😉

Watch the full movie at https://onlyfans.com/62629176/heavy_bondage


5 Replies to “‘#blackmail’ the movie – part 1”

  1. OMG!! Where do I start?! This has to be my all time favourite video of yours so far. Loved the gritty atmospheric movie effects at the start and the way the scene was set with you receiving the blackmail email.

    Seriously…when you entered the captor’s dungeon and then he was suddenly in the background it gave me shivers. So clever!

    I enjoyed seeing all your self bondage but enjoyed even more the way your captor decided it wasn’t quite tight enough and adjusted the chains accordingly. How deliciously wicked!! Then as he added even more chain just for fun, what can I say. It gave me a LOT of pleasure. 😉

    The end bit was really cool too, showing a taster for the next part which frankly looks scary!!!

    Thank you again for posting. I can tell a lot of thought and effort has gone into what is a very professional video production as well as you enduring some very heavy bondage at your captor’s hands.

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  2. That’s a lot of chains! Was it your real reaction or just “act”, because I think you were panicking somehow LOL. An amazing video again, thank you!!

    1. I knew more chains were going to be added…I just didn’t know how and when. It actually stopped being an act almost straight away. The whole scene ran in real time from where I started changing into the rugby kit…but obviously, I’ve edited the clothes changing for the movie (not especially interesting lol).
      I was close to panic on a number of occasions. Watch my reaction when a chain is attached to my collar and my neck is pulled tight back to the scaffolding. I go very quiet at the point. I’m working really hard to hold it together because all of a sudden I feel really claustrophobic and the steel collar is clamping really tightly on my neck. Even my captor realises because you see him place his hand on my head in an attempt to calm me. Intense!!

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