Video – #prisonerchained Part 2

‘The Prisoner’ is still in the bondage chair…and he’s still wildly out of his comfort zone.

His wrists are manacled behind him. His limbs and upper body are all chained uncomfortably tightly. He has a steel collar padlocked around his neck which is chained to the chair…and he’s been made to wear a rubber hood and he’s ballgagged.

All he can do now is try to deal with the discomfort and pain which are on the increase…and hope that he’s released sometime soon. He really wouldn’t want to be left all alone and chained up in an old abandoned garage, would he??

Watch the full video at

Chained - Part 2

6 Replies to “Video – #prisonerchained Part 2”

  1. Lovely second part, great hood and gag combo too! How long did you endure the chair for? It looks uncomfortable, all those chains tightly wrapped around your torso and limbs.

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    1. Thank you for the kind comments. I wasn’t in the chair as long as I would have liked. It was uncomfortable right from the start and became painful quite quickly. I did have a moment when I needed the neoprene hood and gag to come off but the chains were not removed. We then continued with the rubber hood and ballgag which was more challenging hence the reason I stopped struggling as much…plus the pain was gradually increasing everywhere! The human body isn’t designed to be held rigid in that position. Whilst I was in the chains, I genuinely didn’t enjoy it…which I thought I would. But once I was out…
      Next time will be longer…and one of the positions I’ll be held in will become more intense the longer it goes on. My chains will be tightened link by link…

  2. Wow you did endure some intense bondage then! I presume you would have been released if you wanted to. So I expect you were elated when you were finally let go. I’m assuming it’s you in all your other videos, you seem to have already experienced some very restrictive bondage predicaments. Like the one of you spreadeagled between two doors.

    1. There was a safe signal which initiated a gag and hood removal so I could verbalise any issues…but the agreement was no release at all barring emergencies. This agreement was ‘softly’ adhered to in this first session with my captor…although in future sessions it will be rigidly adhered to and he will adopt a much more un-communicative role. Nevertheless, I had no breaks from the bondage from the start of the chair chained session to the end.
      It is me in all my other videos, however, that’s all self bondage. The #prisonerchained videos all show my first experience with genuine bondage and captivity in real time. There was no way I could escape from that chair…the manacles alone on my wrists behind the chair would have kept me firmly locked in place.
      For more of the story behind these videos, please read the new piece I’ve posted at

      1. You are an expert at self bondage, I would never have guessed! Those manacles are very secure, a friend of mine has shown me his pair and how they lock/unlock with an Allen key.

      2. They are. They’re also very tight..almost perfectly flush to the circumference of my wrists. And they do take a while to lock on because there’s a long screw which is locked with the Allen key as you say. Long time to get them on…and a long time to get them off…and no way of removing them yourself.

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