#chained trailer

Made this trailer for the #chained movie. Quite like it so I thought I’d share it. Interested in comments on this or the main movie.


Escape Challenge 14 – #chained Trailer from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.

11 Replies to “#chained trailer”

  1. Really great trailer, sets the scene nicely and looks extra sinister in black and white. 🙂

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      1. Kind comments. Thank you. The second part of #chained will be posted here on Sunday. I’ll be undergoing another period of extreme captivity on 25th August. Lots of chains again plus the tightest standing X spreadeagle. I sampled it the other day. I don’t think my legs have ever been pulled so wide apart!!

  2. Fantastic, will look forward to it and also if you post any pictures or videos of your next captivity scene in August. You certainly enjoy pushing your own limits. 🙂

  3. Fantastic all around: production values, content, cast and acting [it is just an act, isn’t it? :-)]. Two suggestions for next time: in-frame time-elapsed display, and rubber suit or wetsuit. Looks like a damp and cold location to me!

    1. Acting? Perhaps…to a degree. Not really needed though because the bondage and captivity was very very real…and uncomfortable…and ultimately, painful because of the tightness of the restraints and the forced unatural seating position. My legs had to be splayed very wide to have my ankles chained to the bondage chair legs. The chains dug into my body and the manacles on my wrists were very tight fitting and, again, dug into my wrists and hands. Like I suggested, after only a very short period of time, acting wasn’t really necessary.

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