Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 84 (Jack Grealish Special)

Many people would like to see England Under 21s and Aston Villa soccer star Jack Grealish tightly restrained and gagged simply because he likes to wear his soccer socks low and his flimsy soccer shorts a little too high and tight fitting. Here’s the evidence…

…the new Nike England strip is much tighter fitting than it used to be and clearly shows of Jack’s footballer legs and…er…his ample…bulge…

Guys 84aGuys 84b

…the shorts from the Aston Villa strip have no inner lining and, once again, reveal some of Jack’s most famous features…

Guys 84c

….but Jack’s not shy about showing off his assets…

Guys 84d

…in fact, quite the contrary…

Guys 84e

…here’s the reason why…he pulls his shorts up high and doubles up the waist band…he likes to show of those muscular legs…and why shouldn’t he?

Guys 84f

Here’s another example of his famous package!

Guys 84g

And another…

Guys 84h

…and this part of his anatomy also has its fans!

Guys 84i

Here’s a shot of Jack in action!

Guys 84j

And so, Jack Grealish definitely needs to be kidnapped…and gagged!

Guys 84kGuys 84l

He should be taken to an unknown location and tied up with duct tape…

Guys 84m

Jack would definitely look good stretched out and tied in a spreadeagle…

Guys 84nGuys 84o

…a spreadeagle, of course, would clearly expose his famous assets…

Guys 84p

…perhaps he could be restrained in a cage…

Guys 84q

…or on a cage…

Guys 84r

…the shiny German shorts certainly don’t leave much to the imagination, Jack would probably like that…

Guys 84s

…maybe Jack could be handcuffed and hung upside down for all to see…

Guys 84tGuys 84uGuys 84v

…or perhaps he’d enjoy a good tight chair tie…

Guys 84w

…with a bit of breath control to keep his lungs in good working order…

EmoBCSMSlave by and
…but best of all, maybe Jack should be kept in a good tight hogtie…

Guys 84y

…everyone loves a strict hogtie!!

Guys 84z

How would you like to restrain Jack Grealish and his tight shorts?

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