Escape Challenge 12 – Someone At The Door

Escape Challenge 12 – Someone At The Door from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.

Soccer training was cancelled due to bad weather and so the failed escapologist was made to face another escape challenge wearing his shiny nylon kit.
For this escape challenge, the prisoner would be wearing a McKenzie nylon training top, shiny nylon soccer shorts (too small) plus soccer socks, pads and boots.
The would be escapologist was made to wear a ballgag to prevent communication and a tight rubber hood was placed over his head to add a degree of sensory deprivation and to add further difficulties to this escape challenge.
A tight rubber hood and a large ballgag are to be recommended if a prisoner/victim is to be kept truly under control – much more effective and intimidating for the prisoner than a piece of cloth or duct tape over the eyes and mouth.
For this extended escape challenge, the prisoner was placed up against a door and his wrists were roped above his head. His legs were pulled apart and his knees were roped to either side of the door placing the prisoner in a stress position in which he could not straighten his legs. Further ropes were tied over either side of the prisoner’s crotch and between his legs to prevent excessive struggling.
The prisoner was then left to struggle and try to escape from his captivity.

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