Escape Challenge 10 – Bed Bound

Escape Challenge 10 – Bed Bound from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.

In this older video footage, the would be escapologist ‘The Prisoner’ challenges himself to answer the question many of us have asked ourselves…is it possible to sleep whilst tied up hand and foot, gagged and hooded? For this challenge, the prisoner’s wrists were tightly roped behind his back and he was silenced with a ballgag. A tight zip-up rubber hood was placed over his head to create a level of sensory deprivation. The prisoner’s legs were roped tightly at his ankles, knees and lower thighs. His arms were roped to his upper body. The prisoner was then placed on a bed. After a short period of time, a loose hogtie was added to make this period of captivity more challenging.

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