Video – Soccer Player Tied Up In Shiny Sports Kit

Here’s the video…

A shiny sports kit and skintight white lycra short clad prisoner had his wrists, upper body, knees and ankles trussed up and was then tied hand and foot to a chair. A large ballgag was forced into his mouth and a tight black rubber hood with blacked out eye holes was placed over his head.


ro montage

3 Replies to “Video – Soccer Player Tied Up In Shiny Sports Kit”

  1. Hey, your videos have been some of my favorites for years. I remember when I first found your wetsuit stress bondage video on, and it was bar none the hottest thing I’d ever seen. I was wondering if you’d be willing to re-up some of your old videos that aren’t out there anymore, especially Prisoner 14 and 16.

    Thanks for making so many awesome videos.

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