Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 80 (Tight Jeans Special)

Wearing a pair of jeans, like wearing shorts, is a skill which only some people can do really well…especially these days with jeans getting fashionably tighter again. These guys have mastered it…and so they deserve to be kidnapped, tied up tight and then exhibited for all to see…

…tight jeans…needs tight ropes…


‘What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? Is it a monsterrrrrrr?’


Shirtless with abs which are clearly polished on a regular basis…a good look!


Another shot for the collection of shirtless Facebook profile pics…and why not?


‘I just need to show a little more v-line…’


Pull those wrists behind his back…rope ’em tight…


Pity about the vest top…pull his wrists behind his back…rope them tight then cut the vest off…it’s what he would have wanted…

Ryan Guzman

This guy’s nipples have got built in handles!


And so all of the guys above should be abducted from a secluded spot. Hands should immediately be restrained behind the back and a hand over the mouth should be applied until a gag is successfully fastened in place.


They can be roped to a nearby tree until transport is made ready…


…they can then be led to a location where they will be imprisoned and stored…


…roping should be secure and tight…


…a chair tie is often a good idea to get the prisoner used to the idea of constant endurable bondage…




…if more than one prisoner is taken, then back to back bondage should be used…


…should the jeans clad prisoner not easily succumb to its period of sustained captivity, then a little humiliation can be introduced…


…should that not work, then the prisoner should be introduced to the rope hogtie…


…if the prisoner continues to struggle, then the hogtie should become progressively tighter…


…and tighter…


…to allow the prisoner some rest time, the spreadeagle position should be used…


…for increased security, additional ropes may be added at any time…


…the spreadeagle may also be used as a method of punishment and also display…


…chains may also be used as a method of reinforcing the prisoner’s understanding of its position as a bondage toy…


…and as a last resort, the prisoner should be completely rubbered up, hooded and gagged, strapped into tight and unforgiving bondage and then left to experience the idea that it is no longer a person…but an object…


…which method would you use to restrain a tight jeans clad shirtless muscle boy?

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5 Replies to “Guys Who Need To Be Tied Up And Gagged – Part 80 (Tight Jeans Special)”

  1. I love the tree.

    But my favourite is the standing spreadeagle (with leg shackes), that one’s the best for my flogger. Then the exceptionally tight lying spreadeagle after that, so I can do what I want with them.

  2. Chains really do reinforce the slave role .BUT must be one united them radiating from a solid metal cock ring at least one inch wide on its surface
    Best example was with DreamBoyBondage but chains there were too slack

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