Interlude No. 2 – ‘Auction’

big fuck off chains

Brandon had been the final ‘slave’ in the college campus charity slave auction. He’d been game for a laugh right from the start. He’d really got into the spirit of things. He’d stripped down to a tight black speedo and had quite enjoyed standing on the stage in front of an admiring room with his wrists chained behind his back and a loose hood placed over his head.
His ‘auction’ lasted a little longer than expected and he ended up being sold for a considerably higher than expected sum of money.
However, he began to suspect things weren’t quite right when, at the end of his auction, he was quickly bundled out the the auction room, through a back door and into the rear of a waiting van. He definitely knew things had gone wrong when he was forced down onto his belly on the cold metal floor in the rear of the van. An extremely large metal collar was locked around his neck and that, in turn, was locked directly to the floor of the van. His hood was briefly removed, a large ballgag was shoved into his mouth and then a much tighter fitting leather hood was forced back over his head.
And now, after an uncomfortable journey which seemed to last several hours, he found himself locked in a bare white room. Incredibly heavy manacles and chains had been locked onto his ankles and wrists…but fortunately, his hood had been removed.
Brandon sat on the floor and contemplated his situation. He briefly considered banging on the door and yelling for help but deep down inside there was still some small part of him that considered this to be some elaborate practical joke…and the chains and shackles on his wrists were very heavy and it required some effort to lift them up. He waited.
Time passed. Brandon had no idea how long. He began to grow cold and the collar on his neck was heavy and dug into his shoulders.
What happened next was brief, unexpected and terrifying.
The door suddenly burst open. Three guys rushed in pushing a cage. The bars of the cage were black and thick. The edges of the cage must have been a metre long at best. It was small.
Two of the guys were white, one was black. They were all heavily muscled and each of them was naked apart from a pair of small skintight black PVC shorts. Each of them wore a tight black rubber hood with eye and mouth holes.
Brandon tried to back away from them along the floor. His heavy metal restraints slowed him right down. The guys rushed towards him, grabbed him and stood him up.
Brandon had a brief glimpse of a very large red ballgag but before he had chance to clamp his mouth shut he was thumped hard in his stomach. The ballgag was forced in his mouth. It was too big. It filled his mouth completely. Instantly, his jaw started to burn with the pain of being forced open too wide. A strap was pulled painfully tight and fastened round the back of his neck. Even without the strap, getting the hard rubber ball back out of his mouth from where it was firmly lodged behind his front teeth would have proved incredibly difficult. The strap made it impossible.
Ear pieces were then pushed firmly into Brandon’s ears and, finally, a skintight black rubber hood was pulled over his head.
Brandon panicked as he breathed in and no air came. Instead, the black rubber formed a tight vacuum against his face. He struggled desperately against the grip of the three guys but relief finally came when he felt a hand pull on the front of his hood and air suddenly began flowing in through two small nose holes which were now placed directly over his nostrils.
However, before he had time to grow accustomed to his new situation, he felt his whole body being lifted from the floor. He knew what was going to happen. He struggled wildly.
He was dropped roughly into the cage. He felt the bars beneath his feet. Hands pushed on his shoulders forcing him down into the tiny metal prison.
He was forced into a seated position which his knees up against his chest. He rested with his back against the bars of the cage.
His arms and wrists were forced between his legs and Brandon felt his shackled wrists being connected to his ankle chains.
His head was then pushed between his knees and Brandon heard a loud clang as the lid of the cage was closed above him. Brandon tried to lift his head up but it banged painfully against the bars above him.
And then the white noise started…incredibly loud and playing directly through the ear pieces into his head.
The bars of the cage dug into his flesh. His jaw was now seriously hurting because of the large rubber intruder in his mouth. Breathing was hard and each time he took in a breath, the rubber hood did its best to prevent some of the vital air reaching his lungs. The white noise was already giving him a headache. And the heavy shackles and chains dug into his wrists, ankles and shoulders and reminded him that, even without the cage, he was a prisoner…a play thing…an object.
Brandon felt movement and realised his cage was being pushed along the floor.
What the fuck was going to happen now?

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