Interlude No. 1 – ‘Water Torture’


His dick had clearly been in control when he’d signed and then posted the agreement and contract to become a military hostage for 72 hours. He’d never seen his soon to be captor. They had communicated using only email and an online messaging service. It had all seemed so exciting…

He’d then driven for four hours to a place he’d never visited before. He’d walked up to old abandoned countryside cottage and pushed open an old heavy wooden door.

There’d been no-one to greet him and so, as laid out in the agreement, he’d then taken himself down to the cellar, stripped himself naked, ballgagged himself, placed a large white cloth bag over his head and then chained himself hand and foot to the solid wooden chair which was placed in the middle of the cold damp room.

Minutes later, when the full force of the freezing cold water blasted into his cloth covered face and made breathing virtually impossible…when his lungs started burning with the effort to take in air and his brain started telling his body that he was drowning…he’d realised what a terrible mistake he’d made…

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