3 Replies to “Tape Gag 101”

  1. I think that the first sock can be potential threat for the victim in long term. With the saliva sock will become softer and softer and may be in some point can goes to his throat. Myself I just tie 2 socks together (ideally well used) and if I want more bulky ball I do a second and third knot as well gag my sub and then multiply layers of tape as in the above illustration 😀

    1. Good point. I just get annoyed when I see people gagged with a single strip of duct tape. I know full well, from experience, that the tape doesn’t hold the mouth shut and will eventually become moist and fall off.

  2. Absolutely…just one layer is nothing….has to be many layers and tight…sometimes I even add several layers from chin to top of the head to prevent my sub moving his chin easily….make the whole think more immobile 😀

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