Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 9

tom abs

Tom watched as Blake, again, pulled against his heavy metal restraints. There was no point. Blake’s chains held fast…but Tom understood Blake’s need to continually try for escape. He understood it only too well, having himself now spent many hours in harsh and painful bondage.

Tom watched fascinated as Blake’s muscles tensed and rippled. He could only imagine how much pain Blake was in right now. Tom had experienced the standing spreadeagle very recently. His shoulders had burned and his thighs had felt like they were going to tear apart.

And Tom couldn’t help but look at Blake’s skintight shiny latex running shorts. They clung so tightly to Blake’s body that they looked like they had been sprayed on. They clung so tightly to Blake’s dick and balls that Tom could almost see the wrinkles in his ball sack. And Blake’s dick was so big.

‘Like you, Tom, Yohan also elected to voluntarily enter into captivity…’

Voluntarily!! There was no way it had been voluntarily, Tom thought angrily. It had been blackmail.

Three weeks ago, Tom had received an A4 brown envelope in the post. It had contained a photo of himself, naked, standing in his training pool changing room. Of greater concern to Tom were the two photos of his younger brothers playing in the swimming pool at their local leisure centre. There had also been a single sheet of A4 paper upon which was printed the message, ‘Tell no-one, or you will never see your brothers again. Be prepared…’

A day later, a second identical envelope had turned up. This one again contained another naked photo of Tom from his training pool. The second photo was of his mother shopping at the local superstore. The envelope contained a second message, ‘Tell no-one, or you will never see your mother again. Be prepared…’

And so…Tom did nothing.

And then, exactly one week on from when he had received the first envelope, the emails started…sometimes up to five a day. They came from an email address anyone could have set up:-

Each email had contained a photo of Tom at his pool, sometimes recent, sometimes months, even years old. All of the photos were of Tom in his changing room. Tom wondered how in the hell that had happened. And also contained in each email was yet another photo of either his brothers or his mother. The photos of his brothers were of them at school, in the park playing football, in their own back garden. It was clear that his brothers had no idea the photos had been taken. Similarly, the photos showed his mother in normal everyday situations, but completely unaware that she was being photographed.

And each email had contained the warning, ‘Tell no-one, or you will never see them again…’

And, again, foolishly, Tom did nothing. But he was unable to sleep. He grew restless at college and lacked concentration. He became snappy and impatient with his friends and family. His trainers at the pool started to see a dip in his form. They began to suspect something was wrong…but Tom remained tight-lipped and said nothing.

And then – once more, exactly one week later, late one evening – he had received a private message on his Facebook page. Now, only his close family and friends knew of his own personal Facebook page. He had public pages, of course, but his own page was known by only a small group of people.

The Facebook message had come from a blank profile. There was no name at the top of the page and only a single photo of Tom used as the profile picture. The photo was of Tom in his Olympic speedo. This particular photo was available all over the internet.

The content of this message was slightly different. There were no photos attached…only a single line of text…

‘Tom, do you want your family to remain safe and well? Reply yes or no.’

At this point, Tom was terrified of what might happen to his brothers and mother. He wasn’t thinking rationally.

He replied, ‘Yes.’

Tom waited.

A few moments passed and then Facebook indicated that a message had been received. Tom clicked on the message.

It said, ‘Are you sure? Reply yes or no.’

Tom typed, ‘Yes’ and then clicked send.

Seconds passed.

A message arrived. Tom opened it.

It said, ‘A package will be delivered tomorrow. Open it. It will contain instructions. Follow them to the letter. Do you understand? Reply yes or no.’

Tom breathed deeply. He typed, ‘Yes’ and clicked send. He waited.

Nothing happened.

The following day, the package arrived whilst Tom was at college. After training, when he arrived home, his mother had handed it to him without asking what it was. She was more concerned with his lack of concentration and how tired he looked. Tom said nothing and took the package upstairs.

The package was fairly heavy and clearly contained something solid. He placed it on his bed and stared at it. It was clearly a box. It was approximately the size of a box of tissues. It was sealed in a dark grey plastic bag with Tom’s name and address on the label.

Tom picked it up and tore the plastic open. He removed the box and held it in his hands. There was a lid. He removed the lid.

The first thing Tom saw was a pair of rigid steel handcuffs. A shiver ran down his spine. He looked in the box. There was no key to the handcuffs. He laid the cuffs on his bed.

He then saw what appeared to be a folded pile of black material. He picked it up. The material was thin black latex. He held it up and let it unfold. Some of the black latex fell to the floor. He ignored it and concentrated on what was in his hand. It was a speedo…a black latex speedo. He placed the speedo on his bed next to the handcuffs. He felt a shiver of revulsion.

He picked up the material which had fallen on the floor. It fell open in his hands. It looked like a hood. Its edge followed the profile view of a head. There was a clear nose and chin outline.

There was a zip with a small padlock attached. The zip was placed at the rear of the hood. The zip padlock was still open. Tom looked in the box. He saw no key.

Tom put his right hand inside the hood and stretched it out. There were two small holes at the front placed perfectly for a pair of nostrils.

Tom placed the hood on his bed next to the speedo and the handcuffs.

Tom looked in the box. There were two pieces of paper. Tom picked up the first. It was folded in half. Tom unfolded it.

On it were written some very simple and very clear instructions. There was an address for a pool which Tom was to attend at 10.00pm. Once at the pool he would have to swim lengths until 10.50pm. At 10.50pm he would complete his lengths and then go back to his changing cubicle. Once inside the cubicle he would have to strip completely, put on the black latex speedo, pull the rubber hood over his head, fasten the zip and padlock it, and then handcuff his wrists behind his back and wait. All of this was to be done before 11.00pm.

The instructions explained that the second piece of paper was a note to his mother explaining that he had things to sort out and that he would be away for a while…and not to worry.

The instructions concluded with this sentence:-

‘Obey these instructions to the letter. Tell no-one or you will never see your family again.’

Tom put all the items back in the box. He put the lid on the box and placed it under his bed. He then carried on with his normal evening routine as if nothing had happened.

At the end of the evening he went to his bedroom, stripped down to his grey boxer briefs and went to bed.

Tom cried.

He slept fitfully.

He woke up early for training. He climbed out of bed, still wearing his grey boxer briefs.

He reached under the bed and grabbed the box.

He placed it on his bed and opened it. He took off his boxer briefs and stood naked. He took the black latex speedo from the box. He placed his feet in the speedo and pulled it up over his muscled legs. It was very small and the black rubber caught on his slightly hairy legs. He pulled the speedo up over his thighs and tugged it into position.

It was very tight and clearly several sizes smaller than he was used to. It felt uncomfortable on his balls. He shifted his genitals around until they were reasonably comfortable. The rubber clung tightly to his skin.

Tom then went and stood in front of his full length mirror.

The speedo hid nothing. It clung to his dick and balls. The shape of his dick was particularly pronounced through the skintight black latex. As Tom stared at his firm athlete’s body and the tight shiny latex speedo he felt a strange tingling in his dick. Early morning wood. Tom ignored the sensation and the slight swelling of his dick and walked back over to the bed.

He picked up the rubber hood. Without a second’s thought he pulled it over his head and quickly pulled the zip down at the rear of his head until it closed at the nape of his neck.

Tom was in a world of darkness. There was a very strong smell of rubber. He breathed through his nose and mouth and felt the rush of air coming in through the small nostrils holes. The rubber which clung to his head contracted and expanded slightly in time with his breathing and the expansion and contraction of his lungs. His ears were filled with the sound of his breathing.

He ran his hands over the rubber which clung to his head. It was almost skintight. It formed a perfect seal around his neck. If the nostril holes were to close then he wouldn’t be able to breathe.

Tom felt his dick grow further. The sensation of his dick straining against its rubber prison caused him to feel even more aroused.

The skin on his face began to feel clammy. He reached round the back of his head and unfastened the zip. He pulled the hood from his head. The air in his room felt cool on his face.

Tom pulled off the speedo. He placed the hood and the speedo back in the box with the handcuffs. He closed the box and put it in his college bag. Tom put on his training gear, gathered all his college gear, grabbed his college bag containing the box and went to his training pool.

That evening, he arrived back home, took the letter for his mother and placed it on the cabinet by his bed and then left for the designated swimming pool.

That evening, Tom Daley was kidnapped.

That evening, Tom Daley was chained and caged.

That evening, Tom Daley became a prisoner.

And now he stood before a chained Yohan Blake.

The voice spoke…

‘Now that you’ve met each other, it’s time for you to train, Tom. And your new friend, Yohan Black, is going to be your incentive to work really hard…’

To be continued…

29 Replies to “Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 9”

  1. This is great. I love that you gave the back story to why he originally complied. I’m excited to see what happens next.

  2. Very good flashback. I could see him contemplating in his room. Keep up the good work. Want to see what happens next…what’s going to happen with Yohan and Tom?

  3. Sorry to be so late reviewing this, but I’ve been tied up.

    Love how you explained how Tom came to be kidnapped. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Tom and Yohan.

  4. Great story about tom the story just get more better and just reading get me hard can not wait till next part don’t take to long please

  5. Are you gonna carry on this story? Such a turn on. I second the comments about incorporating his feet more – his feet are amazing!

  6. All of the above comments came several months ago. I just started to read your story and am hooked. Please, oh please Sir, continue the story, and real soon.

  7. Carry on with the stories pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  8. Although I am hooked on this story and wish to find out what happens to Tom (and of course Yohan), I believe the last chapter was dated In January. I know you must be busy with other things, but PLEASE continue the story immediately, or end it. Don’t leave us dangling.

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