Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 8


Tom stood in the centre of the room wearing only a skintight white PVC speedo. He was blindfolded and his wrists were handcuffed behind his back. He waited.

‘The prisoner will now kneel.’

Tom knelt down on his haunches. Being blindfolded disorientated him and he was careful not to lose his balance. He instinctively bowed his head down. Again, he waited – his restrained body facing the locked door.

He heard a click and then a rush of air. He sensed movement and then felt hands once again grab him roughly by the arms and stand him up.

Tom was both pushed and pulled at the same time. He was then frog marched out through the door…

Part 8

After a few short steps, Tom was again pushed down to his knees.

His jaw was grabbed and his mouth was pulled open. A gag was forced between his teeth. This gag was different. It had a very distinct shape. It was long, almost cylindrical, slightly curved like a banana, and it had a rounded end…like the head of a mushroom.

Tom felt the straps being pulled round his head and buckled tightly at the back of his neck. Further straps were then pulled up either side of his nose and over the top of his head where they were also buckled. Finally, straps were pulled under his chin and fastened securely. Tom then felt something lock into place on each of the buckles.

The gag…or whatever it was…was now pushed deep between Tom’s lips and teeth. He felt the tickle of his own gag reflex as his body instinctively thought about expelling the object from his mouth.

His mouth has been forced wide open to accommodate this new intrusion but Tom suddenly realised that he could close his lips around the gag and suck in air without any obstruction. Whatever now filled his mouth and silenced him must have been hollow. Tom could breathe quite satisfactorily even though he was now, once again, unable to communicate verbally.

Something was then placed around his neck. It was wide. It felt like leather…almost like a wide belt. It was pulled almost uncomfortably tight and then buckled at the nape of his neck. It loosened slightly. Tom again felt hands locking something onto the buckle.

Tom’s new collar gripped his neck firmly all the way around…and, just below his Adam’s apple, Tom could feel two cold, rounded metallic objects held firmly up against his naked skin. By lowering his chin, Tom could also feel some kind of object attached to the front of the new item which was now part of his bondage.

‘Ahhh…Tom, my friend… there you are…’

It was the original voice, smooth and silky, the voice of his captor. It filled the room.

‘You must be wondering what we’ve attached to your neck. Here, let me show you…’

Tom convulsed. It suddenly felt like someone had jabbed a red hot knife directly into his neck just below his chin. The sensation only lasted for a second but it had a sudden and immediate effect. His back arched and his whole upper body tensed up.

Tom yelled instinctively but the gag did its job perfectly. A pool of saliva which had collected in his mouth spilled down his chin and onto his bare chest.

The sudden sharp pain stopped and he relaxed. He slumped down onto his haunches and his head fell forward.

‘Did you like that? That was quite a weak setting. Here, try this…’

The red hot knife again stabbed at the front of his neck. Only this time the pain did not stop. Tom’s back again arched and his whole body went rigid. He fell from his kneeling position onto his side. His arms and wrists, although still handcuffed behind his back, went rigid. Tom convulsed once, then twice…and then the pain stopped.

‘Yes…that’s quite effective, I think you’ll agree, Tom.’

Tom lay on his side. He sucked in air desperately through his gag. His body twitched several times but began to relax.

‘Such a simple thing, electricity, but so effective when used correctly. I keep dogs, Tom, and I use a similar device on them. Only yours is much more powerful. I would never be so cruel to my dogs.’

Hands suddenly and roughly pushed Tom over onto his belly. He lay on his front. His ringed balls and dick were crushed between the floor and his body. He groaned. His wrists were grabbed and his handcuffs were removed. His hands fell to his sides. His shoulder ached where he had fallen to floor. It felt bruised.

‘So, Tom, I hope you now understand the importance of following your instructions quickly and efficiently. Nod your head if you understand.’

Tom immediately nodded his head. He learned quickly.

‘Now, Tom, back up onto your knees and put your hands on your head.’

Using his hands, Tom pushed himself up, once more , into a kneeling position. His body hurt. He placed his hands back on his head.

‘When I say, Tom, you may remove your blindfold. You may then stand up. Once standing, place your hands back on your head. Nod if you understand.’

Tom nodded. He waited.

‘You may now remove your blindfold and stand.’

Tom reached round the back of his head. He grabbed the blindfold strap and pulled it away from his closed eyes. It caught under the harness which held his gag in place. He pulled the blindfold up to the top of his head and to the side and it came free. He dropped the blindfold to the floor.

Tom cautiously opened his eyes. Once more, he was blinded by the light.

With his right hand, he immediately felt round the back of his head for the harness buckles. They were padlocked. He wouldn’t be able to remove his gag.


The voice had a note of warning in it. Tom immediately placed his hands back on the top of his head.

‘You’ve already earned another punishment for your earlier…indiscretion…shall we say? It seems that, perhaps, a small part of you is enjoying your captivity more than you’re letting on. Although, it has to be said, there is a market for cum stained speedos…especially if they belong to Olympic diver Tom Daley.’

Tom felt embarrassed at what had happened. Cumming in his rubber speedo whilst in rigid restraints and on display to internet surfing perverts was something which he had never even considered would ever happen.  But it had.

However, Tom’s mind was now on other things. His eyes were now adjusting to the harsh glare of the light and he was taking in his surroundings.

He was in a gym…not an especially big one, but a gym nonetheless.  Without moving his head, Tom moved his eyes left and right and tried to take in as much of his surroundings as possible.

Directly in front of him was a wall with a metal door in the centre – locked, he guessed. To the right of the door there was a small noticeboard upon which there were pinned two A4 sheets of paper. Hanging from the wall on various hooks was a variety of restraints – handcuffs, manacles, chains etc. Similarly, there was also a collection of hoods, masks and gags hanging from the same wall. To the far right of the door, in the corner, was the small cage which had been used to transport Tom. To the far left of the door was another cage which looked exactly the same. Tom briefly pondered on why there were two identical cages.

The walls on his left and right were again fully mirrored. The ceiling was also mirrored. Along the wall to his left was a running machine, a rowing machine and various other cardiovascular training machines. To his right was a full set of weights, dumb bells, training benches and other machines designed for muscle growth.

Tom caught sight of his own reflection. He had always been immensely proud of the way he looked…of his taut, firm, muscular body. It had taken a lot of work to look the way he did. And, as he stared at himself wearing only a small, skintight, white PVC speedo, he felt a slight tingle in his dick. The bulge in his speedo was immediately obvious. The rings around his genitals made them stand out prominently from his toned, muscled physique.

Tom saw the straps around his neck, under his chin and over the top of his head which held the gag firmly in place in his mouth. He saw the thick, black leather collar which was fastened around his neck. Directly under his chin he saw a black pack of some kind which was attached to collar.

Further along the wall, to the left, about as far as Tom could see without turning his head, he saw another door with a handle on it. He guessed that this led to the room where he had washed and eaten.

And then…Tom heard something…immediately behind him…a long groan and a rattle of chain…

Tom couldn’t help himself. He turned around. His hands fell from his head down to his sides and hung limply.

Tom stared at the sight in front of him.

There was a man chained to the wall. He was spread-eagled…like an X shape…at full stretch. His wrists were pulled out to his sides and raised above head level. On his wrists were what appeared to be dark, heavy, iron manacles. The manacles were attached to short lengths of chain which were pulled taut and fixed to large heavy rings which were, in turn, connected to metal plates which were bolted to the wall.

His ankles were similarly pulled wide apart and also shackled to the wall. There was a wide, thick iron collar locked around his neck. A short length of chain, only 3 or 4 links, connected the rear of the collar to the wall directly behind him.

The man was black skinned…either Jamaican or African, Tom wasn’t sure. He was an athlete…clearly. Tom was well toned and had great definition, but this guy was muscled. He was much larger than Tom.

As Tom watched, he could see the guy’s muscles straining against the tension from the chains. There was a light sheen of sweat over his exposed body. His biceps were tense and veins stood out prominently on each arm. The guy’s legs were big and powerful. Judging by the size of the muscles in his upper legs, this guy was clearly some kind of sprinter or cyclist. His chest was large and well defined. His pectoral muscles were big and his abdominal muscles rippled as he struggled against his chains.

He wore only a pair of athlete’s shorts – skintight and thigh length. They were black but also had yellow and green stripes down the outside of each leg. There was a small flag printed just above the hem on the right leg of the shorts – the Jamaican flag.

However, Tom could tell immediately that, just like the black speedo which he had initially been made to wear, this guy’s shorts were made from latex. It clung to his muscled body like a second skin and reflected the light from the strip lights in the ceiling. The latex was so tight, Tom could clearly see the wrinkles in the skin of the athlete’s ball sack.

And Tom could also tell that metal rings had been placed around the guy’s cock and testicles. His balls bulged prominently through the black latex and the guy’s dick was immediately obvious resting at two ‘o’ clock against the chained prisoner’s muscled left leg.

Had this guy also been given pills to give him an erection? He was huge. Tom immediately felt inadequate.

Tom couldn’t see the face of the chained prisoner. He wore a skintight rubber gas mask. It was black and covered almost the entirety of his head. Straps were pulled around the back of his neck and had clearly been fastened firmly and tightly. There was just a hint of the guy’s Jamaican hair bulging through the straps at the back of his head. Whoever this chained athlete was, he had corn rows.

The gas mask had two round glass eye pieces. They weren’t blocked and Tom could just make out the eyes of the prisoner beneath them.

On the gas mask, there was a single, circular, bronze mouth piece. Connected to the mouth piece was a long black rubber tube which passed up over the guy’s right shoulder and into a connection on the wall.

The chained and spread-eagled athlete tensed his body and pulled against his restraints. It was a pitiful attempt and he groaned pathetically. There was obviously some kind of gag underneath the gas mask which was preventing him from speaking.

His eyes met Tom’s eyes. There was a brief moment of understanding between them.

A voice suddenly filled the room and startled both Tom and the chained prisoner.

‘Let me make the introductions…Tom Daley…British Olympic diving champion, let me introduce you to your new training partner… Jamaican Olympic sprinter and athlete…Yohan Blake…’


To be continued…

9 Replies to “Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 8”

  1. Oooh lovely new instalments of your story, very nicely written and very arousing. Thank you for taking the trouble to write such erotic juiciness.

  2. Great story, love the new character, can’t wait to see what the training is all about. Also, thanks for telling us how Tom got into bondage in the first place it all makes sense now. I hope the next story is longer and more erotic than this one 🙂

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