Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 7


The harsh painful reality of Tom’s situation and bondage suddenly hit him. All of his erotic energy was now spent and all he could now feel was intense claustrophobia brought on by his restrained limbs. The rubber hood seemed to grip his head tighter than ever before. The ballgag filled his mouth and he could feel himself begin to wretch and choke.

The small nostril holes in his rubber hood no longer seemed to be over his nostrils. Tom realised that he was unable to take in enough oxygen. He sucked greedily around his ballgag but that only served to make the rubber hood cling to his face as a vacuum was created. The sweat and saliva inside his rubber hood pooled and washed over his face and went into his eyes. His eyes began to sting painfully.

Tom began to panic. A real sense of urgency gripped his body as he realised he couldn’t take in enough air. He was losing control. He needed to be free. Tom began to struggle wildly, desperately trying to free himself from his metal restraints. He felt his skin break and bruise as he desperately tried to pull his wrists free from the rigid shackles which embraced them and held them firmly behind his back.

He sucked in air as hard as he could…but he couldn’t take in enough to feed his panic fuelled body. Tom yelled as loudly as he could. He began to sob. The oversize ballgag served only to muffle his yelled anxieties. Tom jerked wildly. He couldn’t breathe. Tom began to see stars. He was suffocating.

Part 7

Tom suddenly felt a pair of strong hands grab both his arms. He was lifted to his feet. He felt hands on the buckle behind his head on his ballgag. It was suddenly pulled tight and then the straps relaxed. His mouth was forced open wide as the oversize ball was pulled out  from where it was lodged behind his teeth. He closed his mouth. His jaw ached painfully.

He sucked in life giving air. He felt dizzy and was seeing stars but the oxygen entering his blood stream helped him restore control. His breathing was raspy and laboured and he just stood still taking in air rapidly but steadily. The sensation of panic slowly melted away.

And then…bizarrely…he felt his metal collar being unlocked and removed from his neck…he then felt the rigid restraints being removed from his ankles…and then his wrists.

Hands then grabbed his shoulders and forced him down to his knees. Tom had no strength in his body and he did not resist. Both of Tom’s hands were then grabbed and placed on his head. He felt the rubber of the skintight hood beneath his fingers.

Tom remained in the kneeling position, both of his hands on his head, and waited. Seconds passed…a minute?

The voice suddenly boomed in his head again through his ear pieces. Once again, it was the calm, almost mechanical voice which spoke to him. Tom wondered what had happened to his original captor.

‘The prisoner may now remove its hood.’

Tom did not hesitate. He reached behind his head, found the zip, and almost ripped the skintight covering from his face. The sweat, which had gathered inside his hood, was now released and poured down his neck and chest. Tom threw the sweat soaked rubber hood to the floor.

Tom hadn’t seen daylight in what felt like an eternity. His eyes took a while to adjust to the light but eventually he was able to look around.

He was in a smallish room. There was a door in the wall which he now faced. He stood up and looked around.

For all intents and purposes, he was in a bathroom. There was a toilet cubicle and a shower cubicle, both with frosted glass, and a sink upon which there was, amongst other bits and pieces of bathroom equipment, a tooth brush and tooth paste. Two towels hung from hooks in the wall.

To his side, there was a small wooden stool next to a small table. Upon the table was a bowl of fruit, a jug of fruit juice with a glass, a jug of water, milk, a bowl, a box of cereal and a large glass of what appeared to be chocolate protein shake. There were also tubs of vitamin pills and, more worrying, a blindfold, a white speedo and a pair of open handcuffs.

The wall behind the sink and toilet was completely covered in a large mirror and behind the upper corners of the mirror tiles he could make out the tell-tale winking lights of cameras which, Tom guessed, continued to film everything Tom did.

‘The prisoner may now remove its ear pieces.’

This time, the voice seemed to come from inside the room. There must have been speakers tucked away somewhere. Tom removed his ear pieces and placed them on the table next to the handcuffs.

‘The prisoner now has forty minutes until training commences.’

Training? What the hell was that about?

Tom suddenly became aware of his sticky, cum filled rubber speedo. He quickly pulled it down over his legs and kicked it off his feet. He stood naked. Once free from his skintight rubber speedo, his cock and balls sprang free. His erection had now almost totally gone. There was still a dull ache in his balls but this eased now they were free from their skintight rubber prison. Tom studied the metal rings placed around his balls and dick. He couldn’t believe how small they were. He understood, now, why the placement of the rings around his genitals had been so painful…especially the small metal ring which had been forced over his balls.

Tom gently began to massage his balls.

‘The prisoner will NOT remove the genital rings. Immediate punishment will take place should the prisoner attempt to do so.’

The voice was loud and made Tom jump. He took his hands away from his balls. He stood naked in the middle of the room. He was aware of the cameras but wasn’t at all shy about his exposed body. Many years of wearing tiny speedos in front of millions of people and removed away any embarrassment which Tom may once have had about his exposed body.

Now his erection had gone, Tom became aware of the burning need to take a piss. He stepped inside the toilet cubicle and took the opportunity to thoroughly clear out his bowels and bladder.

He flushed the toilet, stepped out of the toilet cubicle and stepped into the shower cubicle. He switched the hot water on and let it wash down his aching and tired body. As the hot water caressed him, waves of pleasure swept through his muscles and sent shivers down his spine. He sensed, more than saw, winking cameras watching his every naked move. The hot water glistened on his muscular torso and made him appear even more god-like – a perfect physical specimen.

There was a bottle of shower gel on a small dish next to the shower controls. Tom proceeded to lather his body down and wash himself. He paid particular attention to his cock and balls and washed away all of the sticky cum which clung to his groin and layer of trimmed pubic hair which was normally hidden by his speedo. All of the aches and pain brought on by his harsh bondage and confinement seemed to wash away with the water.

‘The prisoner now has 20 minutes until training commences.’

The voice startled Tom and brought him crashing out of his showery pleasure. He turned the water off and stepped out of the shower cubicle. The mirror had steamed up.

He grabbed a towel and dried the water from his muscular body.

Tom then put the towel back onto the wall hook and stared at the white speedo. He picked it up slightly distastefully and felt the material. It certainly wasn’t made from rubber. This speedo seemed to be made from very thin and stretchy white PVC – smooth to the touch both inside and out. And like the black rubber speedo which currently lay on the floor, it was clearly several sizes too small.

Tom had little choice. He had no desire to remain naked. He bent over, put his feet into the speedo and pulled it up over his knees. It pulled tight when it reached his muscular thighs but Tom continued to tug at it both back and front until it was in place. It was skintight. It wasn’t as painful as his black rubber speedo. However, it did highlight his pert, round bubble butt and it did serve to scrunch his balls and dicks together and make them stand out in front. He maneuvered his dick around so it was pointing straight up but the tip of it popped out of the top of the small speedo. He pushed his dick back inside and down to the left so that it lay along the top of his left thigh.

Tom glanced at himself in the steamy mirror. He looked down at the reflection of his skintight white PVC speedo. There was no doubt about it. He looked good. He felt a slight tingle in his PVC clad dick. Tom liked wearing speedos, especially in public. But he was sometimes worried that he may get an erection whilst competing…and so he would wear two speedos to try and hide his bulge.

‘The prisoner now has ten minutes until training commences.’

Tom stopped gazing at his speedo clad body. He sat down on the small stool and tucked into the food and drink on the table. He hadn’t realised how hungry he was. He hadn’t eaten since before his training swim in the pool and his subsequent kidnap. How long ago had that been? Tom had lost all sense of time.

Tom made himself some cereal and then wolfed down an apple and a banana and then polished off the entire protein shake.

He picked up the vitamin tablets and studied them. No. He wasn’t going to risk it. He’d learned his lesson prior to his punishment earlier on. He put the pills back down on the table.

Tom stood up. He felt immeasurably better. He stepped over to the sink, turned the tap on and proceeded to brush his teeth. He then stood in the middle of the room and stared at the door. He walked over to it. There was no handle on his side of the door. In fact, there was no way of any kind for him to open it. He ran his fingers down the edge of it. It was firmly shut. He stepped back into the middle of the room.

‘Time is up. The prisoner will now put on the blindfold and then handcuff its wrists behind its back.’

Tom sighed. A shiver of fear ran through his body. He stepped over to the table and picked up the open cuffs. There was no sign of any key, of course.

Tom paused briefly and then locked a cuff around his left wrist. He ratcheted it closed so that it gripped his wrist, but not too tightly. There was no way it was coming off without a key.

He picked up the blindfold. It was made from black leather. It was designed to only cover his eyes. It had an elasticated strap. He placed the blindfold over his eyes and pulled the strap round the back of his head. It successfully prevented all light from entering his eyes…although, unlike the rubber hoods which he had hitherto been forced to wear, it was surprisingly comfortable.

Tom then stepped back into the middle of the room. He placed both his wrists behind his back. He gripped the loose cuff with his left hand and placed it around his right wrist. He closed it. Once again, he made sure that it was not too tight. The metal was cold against his flesh. He shivered. His dick twitched briefly inside its tight PVC covering.

Tom stood in the centre of the room wearing only a skintight white PVC speedo. He was blindfolded and his wrists were handcuffed behind his back. He waited.

‘The prisoner will now kneel.’

Tom knelt down on his haunches. Being blindfolded disorientated him and he was careful not to lose his balance. He instinctively bowed his head down. Again, he waited – his restrained body facing the locked door.

He heard a click and then a rush of air. He sensed movement and then felt hands once again grab him roughly by the arms and stand him up.

Tom was both pushed and pulled at the same time. He was then frog marched out through the door…

To be continued…

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