Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 6

Tom Daley lay on his side. His wrists were locked behind his back in rigid metal restraints. His ankles were also locked together in similar rigid metal restraints. A metal collar was locked around his neck. A large ballgag was strapped into his mouth. A skintight black rubber hood was zipped up over his head. He wore only a skintight black latex speedo which highlighted his aching balls and still erect penis.

Tom worked to slow his breathing. He contemplated his situation. The journey in his cage had lasted perhaps ten minutes. At one point he had felt the chill of outdoors air on his speedo clad body. He’d had no awareness of sight nor sound – the blackness of the rubber hood and the constant sound of loud white noise had seen to that.

But now he lay still. The white noise had stopped and all he could hear was the sound of his constant raspy breathing as he struggled to pull in air around the oversize ballgag and through the small holes which were place precariously over his nostrils. Tom hated the rubber hood. The blackness and the constant smell of rubber filled him with a vague sensation of panic. And sweat was once again slowly collecting inside the clinging latex hood. It pooled and washed around over his skin whenever he moved his head. He desperately wanted to pull the hood from his head…but the solid grip of the shackles locked tightly around his wrists behind his back prevented him from freeing his head from its rubber prison.

The journey in his cage had been painful. His hogtied wrists and ankles had been pulled away from his body and chained to the top of his cage. Every bump and jolt of the cage made his shoulders and back burn even more – the pain was unrelenting. Finally, his cage had been placed on the ground and the restraints which locked him into his cage had been removed. Several pairs of hands had grabbed him, lifted him up and then dropped him painfully onto a carpeted floor. And this was where he now found himself.

Tom contemplated his situation and wondered how long he was to be left lying on the ground. His ballgag made his jaw ache badly. Saliva would pool in his mouth and then spill out and mix with his sweat and wash around inside his latex hood.

He shuffled his body, trying to ease the strain of his rigid restraints. He succeeded only in rolling over onto his front. His balls and cock were crushed beneath his body and the carpeted floor.

Tom wriggled, trying to make himself more comfortable. His erect penis sent shivers of pleasure though his body as it rubbed against its tight rubber enclosure. He became aware, once again, of the grip of the cock rings on his balls and around the base of his genitals.

How long was he going to stay hard? When had he been given the Cialis? How long had he been a prisoner? Had night passed? Was it the day after? Tom had lost all sensation of time.

Tom wriggled again and once again felt his penis rub against his latex speedo and against the carpeted floor. His rubber speedo was damp inside because of his sweat. His penis slipped and rubbed against the moist latex. Once again, a wave of pleasure starting at his dick washed over his body. He strained against his restraints – arching his back and forcing his dick hard against the floor. Again, he pushed his dick hard against the ground beneath him. The sensations of pleasure from his dick and pain from his bondage combined and began to form something unlike anything which Tom had ever felt before. Slowly, rhythmically, Tom began to hump the ground beneath his restrained body.

‘The prisoner will refrain from its current activity.’

It wasn’t the usual voice speaking through his ear pieces. This voice was calm…neutral…almost emotionless. Tom ignored it.

He continued to grind against the ground. His erect penis continued to slip and slide against its sweat covered rubber prison. Tom humped the floor faster and faster…harder and harder.

‘The prisoner will refrain from its current activity.’

Tom was only vaguely aware of the voice. He continued to grind against the ground. His breathing grew faster and faster. The rubber hood and ballgag made it hard for Tom to take in the oxygen he needed. The pain from his continued bondage…the vague, constant sensation of panic brought on by his tight rubber hood…the grip of his skintight rubber speedo…the ache from the cock rings around his balls and dick…the feeling of suffocation now being brought on by his inability to take in enough air through his hood and ballgag…all of these sensations combined creating sensations in his body like nothing he had ever felt before. Tom groaned louder and louder, repeatedly and rhythmically until suddenly there was an explosion which started in his groin and then rushed through his entire body. Tom came like he had never cum before in his life. He continued to push his genitals hard against the ground. Tom screamed with pleasure. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through his speedo clad torso.

Gradually, Tom’s body came to rest. It occasionally jerked and twitched sporadically as the aftershocks from his orgasm spurted through his limbs. Tom lost consciousness…

After a few seconds he woke and became aware of a warm glow washing over his body. He then became aware of the warm sticky sensation of a tight rubber speedo which was now full of cum. He rolled over onto his side. He felt dirty.

The harsh painful reality of his situation and bondage suddenly hit him. All of his erotic energy was now spent and all he could now feel was intense claustrophobia brought on by his restrained limbs. The rubber hood seemed to grip his head tighter than ever before. The ballgag filled his mouth and he could feel himself begin to wretch and choke.

The small nostril holes in his rubber hood no longer seemed to be over his nostrils. Tom realised that he was unable to take in enough oxygen. He sucked greedily around his ballgag but that only served to make the rubber hood cling to his face as a vacuum was created. The sweat and saliva inside his rubber hood pooled and washed over his face and went into his eyes. His eyes began to sting painfully.

Tom began to panic. A real sense of urgency gripped his body as he realised he couldn’t take in enough air. He was losing control. He needed to be free. Tom began to struggle wildly, desperately trying to free himself from his metal restraints. He felt his skin break and bruise as he desperately tried to pull his wrists free from the rigid shackles which embraced them and held them firmly behind his back.

He sucked in air as hard as he could…but he couldn’t take in enough to feed his panic fuelled body. Tom yelled as loudly as he could. He began to sob. The oversize ballgag served only to muffle his yelled anxieties. Tom jerked wildly. He couldn’t breathe. Tom began to see stars. He was suffocating…

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  1. I have tom like this in my mind often – He was built for this sexual depravity and TOM needs to sexually suffer so harshly

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