Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 3

Tom Daley had lost all track of time. He had been locked and chained in a small cage. He was hooded, ballgagged and he wore a skintight black latex speedo.

At some point, the van journey had completed and, rather than being released from his cage, the whole cage had been carried from the back of the van by a forklift truck. Tom’s cage had then been placed…somewhere.

The voice, which had accompanied him throughout his whole capture and imprisonment, had long since gone.

Tom had waited in his cage. He was chained there. He had no choice.

His whole body hurt. The bars behind him, to which his wrists were chained, dug into his back. His ankles were also chained to the bars in front of him. His knees were drawn up close to his chest due to the lack of space inside his cage. If he lifted his hooded head up, it would bang against the bars above his head. The rubber ball strapped into his mouth made his jaw ache. And being chained in such an un-natural position gave his whole body the cramps.

And he was cold. Where ever he was being kept, there was no heat. And he wore only a skintight black rubber speedo. It was too tight. It made his balls ache. And yet, his dick was reacting to the grip of the rubber. As he struggled against his bonds, his dick slipped and rubbed against the tight, smooth, sweaty latex. And it responded. It started to grow. But amongst the constant barrage of sensations brought on by his captivity, Tom Daley was unaware of his growing erection.

Time passed slowly. Tom was losing track of how long he had been caged and chained. He was aware only of his bondage…and of the pain it brought.

At some point he was taken out of his cage. His wrists and ankles had been unchained from the bars of his cage but then immediately rechained. His wrists remained locked behind his back. His ankles were manacled directly to each other. He felt hands grip his almost naked body and lift him from his tiny prison.

Tom was carried for a short distance. From the sound of the footsteps, it was apparent that he was being carried and accompanied by a group of people. No-one spoke. After a short distance, the footsteps took on a metallic quality.

Finally, Tom was placed standing on a cold, metal floor. The chains were removed from his wrist and ankle manacles and he felt his arms being pulled out to his sides. The manacles which were locked around his wrists and ankles were heavy and large. His wrists and arms were pulled out as far as they would go and then chains were re-attached. Both his wrists dropped slightly but a clinking sound quickly followed and Tom’s wrists rose up and out as the slack was taken up in the chain. His stretched out arms continued to rise up into the air for a few seconds and then came to a stop. Tom’s arms were now at full stretch. He tried to pull on his chained wrists but there was no give at all. There was a tension across his shoulders. It wasn’t painful but it was uncomfortable.

Similarly, Tom then felt his legs being pulled wide apart and his ankle shackles being attached to more chains. The widening of his legs caused his whole body to drop adding further tension to his chained arms. Tom was now at full stretch. His young, athletic, muscular body held in place like an X.

Finally, a large, heavy, metal collar was locked in place around Tom’s neck. It was a good fit. It gripped his neck perfectly, leaving Tom in no doubt as to its continued presence. Tom felt chains being attached to both the left and right side of his metal collar. The chains were pulled tight thus preventing what little movement remained in his upper body.

Tom Daley was on display. His body – toned, tanned, muscled, honed to perfection as a result of six hours training every day – was on display. He wasn’t on display to a real audience, of course, but to a digital audience…to an online audience. But at the moment, Tom was unaware of this.

Tom was then left alone. He tested his chains but there was little point. His body was at full stretch. He was on display like a prize exhibit – an example of the perfect human being – exposed in all its glory, with only a skintight little black latex speedo offering Tom just the vaguest hint of dignity.

At some point, someone had unpadlocked and unzipped his latex hood. For the briefest, wonderful moment, Tom thought that it was going to be removed, but it wasn’t. Instead, Bluetooth earpieces had been placed in his ears. They were packed into place with some putty like substance. This had the effect of completely sealing his ears and preventing him from hearing any sound whatsoever. His skintight latex hood had then been zipped up and padlocked once more.

Tom could only hear his rushed heartbeat and the raspy sound of his breathing as he struggled to take in air through his nose and his ballgagged mouth.

Hooding Tom – removing his sight, and now his hearing – had created a real sense of disorientation inside his head. He was only aware of his restraints and of his too tight rubber speedo…until…

‘Hello, Tom, my athletic young friend. How are you feeling?’

The voice was inside Tom’s head. It came through the Bluetooth earpieces.


Let me go is actually what Tom wanted to say.

‘Tom, my young, fit friend. This is all your fault. You should have behaved yourself. Behind you, by the wall, is a mattress. We were going to lay you on the mattress. We were going to rechain your wrists in front of you. We were going to allow you long lengths of chain between your wrists and ankle manacles. We were going to attach your collar to the wall with a long length of chain and you could have spent the night there…lying down…relaxing…perhaps even sleeping. You would have had a limited amount of movement around your cell. But, instead Tom, you have to be punished. And the way you’re chained now is just the start of your punishment. But we’ll come onto that in a moment.’

Tom listened. He had no choice. The voice was all he could hear.

‘You’re in an old, disused bank, Tom. We acquired it especially for situations like the one you’re in at the moment. We’ve done this before, Tom, you’re not the first. You are currently chained in an old vault. The vault is where we’re going to keep you. It’s your room, or cell, or dungeon…whatever you want to call it. It’s eight metres long and six metres wide. You are currently standing right in the middle of it. Your chains are attached to the walls and the floor. They’re very strong chains, Tom. But I’m sure you’ve realised that.’

‘There are two cages in your cell with you. You’re already familiar with the first one. The second is a standing cage. When placed in that cage you will just have enough room to stand up. It’s very narrow, Tom. Perhaps we’ll let you try it for size tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that. We have plenty of time.’

‘There are some other surprises for you in your cell. But we’ll come onto those another time.’

‘Now, we asked you to wear a black rubber speedo. The reason for that is very simple. Every single moment of your captivity is being recorded and photographed. There are cameras all around your cell right now. They are all recording and some of them are live streaming onto the internet. We have been able to negotiate some very fruitful deals with several leading fetish and bondage websites…and also with some very rich clients. And some of those clients enjoy seeing athletic young men wearing tight and revealing rubber. Tom, when word was spread that you were to be our next victim we had a lot of interest. And I really do mean a lot…’

Tom was filled with horror at what was happening. He felt physically sick. He desperately started pulling on his chains.


‘Oh, well done, Tom, that’s exactly what some of our clients will want to see. The sight of that perfectly formed torso writhing against the chains is a most marvellous sight. You have the body of a young god.’

Tom stopped struggling. There was no give in his bondage. The grip of his chains was unrelenting.

‘Now, back to your punishment. You will remain chained in your current position all night. There will be no release. Please do not beg for freedom. It’s undignified…and it won’t work. You will also be required to wear these cock rings which I am holding. Do you know what a cock ring is, Tom, nod or shake your head.’

Tom shook his head, as best as his chains and collar would allow. What the fuck was a cock ring?

‘Well, you’re about to find out. I have three for you to wear – a large one and a small one which are connected , and another one which is also quite small. Hold still.’

Tom suddenly felt the front of his rubber speedo being pulled down. His cock and balls dropped out and hung exposed in the cold air.


‘Tom, shut the fuck up.’

Tom felt his cock and balls being lifted and examined. This was the first time another man had ever touched him there. He felt humiliated.

‘My, you are a healthy young man. Our clients will be pleased. Now, I’m going to place the largest cock ring over your dick and balls.’

Tom felt something cold and metallic placed over his dick. He winced and moaned as his balls were then forced through the larger cock ring along with his dick. The larger cock ring was now around the base of his genitals. It was a tight fight. Tom then felt a much smaller ring being placed over his dick. This ring was much smaller. Tom’s dick was forced through and the ring was then pushed right down to the base of his cock. Somehow, Tom could feel that the smaller ring around his dick was attached to the top of the larger ring. This had the effect of making Tom’s limp dick hang out and proud from his balls. Tom could feel a stirring in his dick. He hated what was happening to him.

‘Now, that wasn’t too bad was it. And it looks most impressive, Tom, you should be very proud. How you manage to keep all that inside your tight little speedos I’ll never know. This final cock ring is for your balls. It’s going to be a little harder to put on. Once it’s on, it’ll be fine, but this may hurt a little to start.’

Tom felt a ring being placed on his left ball. The ring felt only slightly larger than his ball. What the fuck?

Tom felt the ring being forced over his ball. Tom felt a dull ache in his testicle until, all of a sudden, it popped through.

‘Now comes the tricky part.’

Tom felt all of the available loose skin on his scrotum being pulled through the ring. Then his right ball was grabbed and pushed against the ring. The dull ache started again. But this time the pain grew much worse as his ball was slowly forced through the small ring.


‘Oh, stop complaining Tom, this will all be over in a second. You should be pleased your balls are so big.’

With a final, harsh, painful push his squashed testicle popped through the ring. The excess scrotum skin was then pulled back through the ring leaving his two balls close together with the skin around them pulled tight.

‘And I think it’ll be even harder to remove that one. Oh well, there’s no hurry. Maybe we’ll just leave the cock rings on you all the time.’

Tom felt his rubber speedo being pulled up until it snapped back into place. There was now a dull ache in his balls which he knew was only going to get worse.

‘Oh, one second. You dress to the left, don’t you?’

Tom felt a hand go back into his speedo, grab his dick and pull it to the left. His rubber speedo was again allowed to snap back into place. His balls hurt.

‘Tom, you look fantastic. If only you could see how those cock rings make you look. In fact, you behaved really well through the whole process. Would you like a reward, Tom? Nod your head if you would.’

Tom briefly considered what a ‘reward’ was going to be. However, he had nothing to lose. He wasn’t sure how things could get any worse. He nodded his head.

‘Okay, Tom. I’m sure your jaw is quite sore now. Ballgags are always painful after a while. And so I shall remove your ballgag and your hood and replace them with something a little more comfortable. Would you like me to do that, Tom, nod your head.’

Tom nodded his head.

‘But if you make even the slightest noise then the hood goes back on and the ballgag goes straight back in and will remain there all night. Do you understand, Tom, nod your head if you understand.’

Tom nodded his head.

‘I am going to stand behind you, Tom, when the hood comes off you are not to turn your head around. You are to face forward unless I say otherwise. Do you understand, Tom? Nod your head if you understand.’

Tom nodded his head. He was getting tired of this game. A few seconds passed and then he felt the straps round the back of his head being unpadlocked and undone.

‘Not a word, Tom, not a word.’

The ballgag was removed from his mouth. A pool of saliva dripped down Tom’s latex covered chin. He closed his mouth slowly. Being able to move his jaw again felt like the greatest sensation in the world.

‘Tom, I have some water. Nod your head if you would like a drink. Do not speak.’

Tom realised how thirsty he was. He nodded his head eagerly. A cup was placed on his lips and slowly tipped. Water poured into Tom’s mouth. He gulped it down. The cup was taken from his mouth.

‘And now I have some vitamin tablets. They’re the kind you usually take. Would you like them? Nod your head for yes, shake it for no. It’s entirely up to you. You will be fed but not until tomorrow. You will not be punished if you don’t take them.’

Tom briefly considered what to do. Pills? Should he be suspicious? There was certainly no need to drug him. He’d already been captured. He was already chained up in a bank vault. What else would they give him drugs for?

He nodded his rubber hooded head. He felt the pills being slipped into his mouth. There were three. The cup was again placed to his lips. He drank the water and swallowed the pills.

To be continued…

7 Replies to “Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 3”

  1. Amazing story, I love it! I am having trouble quite understanding the whole cock and balls ring with that last part. Do you know of a site that I could see a picture of it? Thanks.

  2. Love the story line. More struggling and resistance play, then punishment please (if it’s consistent with your pace and plotting)! Thanks as always for sharing your pervy talents!

  3. Found the story engrossing and well written – sorry to hear it’s ended for a while friend! You have a talent and insight……. 🙂

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