Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 2

I’ll keep writing this as long as people keep showing an interest. Keep the comments coming. Cheers!

Tom Daley walked slowly through the pool changing room. He wore only a skintight black latex speedo. His tanned smooth skin was still wet from his recent swim. He had been given no towel and no opportunity to dry himself.

His wrists were locked behind his back with a pair of solid rigid handcuffs. A skintight black latex hood clung to his head. The outline of his features could be seen though the black rubber which hugged his face. He breathed through two small nostril holes and a larger mouth hole. His breathing had been made more difficult because of the oversize ballgag which had been forced into his mouth and strapped firmly around, over and under his head.

Tom took small tentative steps forward. He felt a firm grip on his arm. Someone was leading his way. Tom had no idea who this man was. He had only heard his voice. The voice continued…

‘You’re doing well, boy. Keep it up. I know you’re afraid but if you stay calm and use your common sense then what happens next will be much easier for you.’

The voice was gentle, almost kind. But Tom was in no frame of mind to appreciate that. Tom carried on walking. The voice carried on talking.

‘You’re going to be held in captivity, Tom. Your captivity won’t be pleasant…but it won’t be painful…not unless you do something wrong anyway. You will constantly be restrained. Your restraints will vary. Sometimes, like now, you will have a certain degree of movement. Other times, you will be allowed no movement at all and your restraints will be very severe. But like I say, you won’t be made to endure pain, not unless you make any mistakes. Do you understand that, Tom? Nod if you do.’

Tom took a deep breath and nodded. No pain? His oversize ballgag was already making his jaw ache.

His captor continued talking.

‘Good, well done, Tom. I can see you’re trying to make this easy for all of us. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how long you will remain our prisoner. Well, that depends, but at the moment it’s no concern of yours. Needless to say, you’re going to be with us for a while.’

The voice was very matter of fact. But the plain simplicity of what was being stated filled Tom full of fear.

‘We’ve worked out an exercise routine for you. We’re well aware that you have to keep that beautiful body of yours in full working order. But, as I’ve already stated, you will be held in restraints at all times. And I suppose you’re wondering about the rubber speedo…’

There was a brief pause.

‘Never mind, I’ll tell you later. Wait one second, please.’

Tom felt the hand which had guided him leave his arm. He stopped walking. He heard the rattle of chains and then a banging. He guessed they were standing by a door which was currently being unchained and opened. He felt a rush of cold air suddenly hit his body. His felt a hand push on the small of his back and he walked forward until the push stopped. He felt concrete beneath his feet. He was outside. How come nobody was noticing what was going on? Admittedly, it was late, but surely somebody would find the sight of a handcuffed and hooded swimmer being marched through a leisure centre a little strange.

‘Stay there, Tom.’

He heard banging and clanking again. The hand once again gripped his arm.

‘Just along this path.’

The ground was rough beneath Tom’s bare feet. He suddenly became aware of how little protection his skintight little speedo gave him against the cold night air. And it was too tight. The rubber gripped his balls and made them ache. And the rubbing of his dick against the wet interior of the latex was making him feel sensations in his groin he’d rather avoid.

After another ten paces or so, the grip on his arm tightened and stopped him from moving further.

He heard the opening of what sounded like a pair of van doors.

‘This way, Tom, you’re doing really well.’

Tom was slightly freaked out by how calm and almost encouraging the voice seemed to be.

‘There are some steps here. Step forward and you’ll feel them. I’ll help you up. Mind your head at the top, the roof of the van is quite low.’

Gentle, but firm, hands guided Tom up the steps into the rear of a large white van. He felt a hand push down on his head. Tom leant forward and stepped into the van. He heard more clanking footsteps behind him and then the clanging of the van doors being closed.

‘That’s it, Tom, well done. You’ve done it. And now, I think it’s time for you to go into your cage.’

A cage, thought Tom, what the fuck! He took a step backward and banged against the side of the van.

‘Aaaaagggghhhhh…mmmmmmppphhh…nnnnnnnnn…!’ Tom desperately tried to yell for help.

‘Oh, come on Tom, don’t spoil it now. You need to go into your cage.’

MY cage, thought Tom, no way.


Tom took another step back, stumbled, almost fell but managed to right himself against the side of the van.

‘Oh, very well, we’ll do it your way. Grab him!’

Tom was momentarily surprised as a pair of arms grabbed him from behind and held him in a bear hug. He instantly kicked out but another pair of hands grabbed his ankles, then hugged his legs holding them tightly together.

‘Drop him in the cage.’

Tom felt his whole body being lifted off the floor of the van. His feet were lifted high and then dropped onto a cold smooth surface. The arms which had held his upper body released him and then pushed hard down on his shoulders. He straightened his body so that he was rigid.

‘Oh, for fuck’s sake.’

Tom felt a hard punch in his balls.


Tom saw stars. He was in agony. All the strength disappeared from his body and he was forced down into a sitting position onto the cold surface. He tried to straighten up but felt bars directly behind his cuffed arms. When he tried to straighten his legs, his feet hit further solid metal bars. Tom was only able to sit with his knees bent and pulled up close to his chest.

‘Close the lid. Lock it.’

Tom felt a hand push hard down on his head. Directly above his head, the heavy cage lid closed. He tried to lift his head back up but it banged painfully on yet more bars. He heard a padlock click shut.

‘Grab his wrists.’

He felt hands pull his cuffed wrists behind him towards the bars of his cage. He felt the cuffs being quickly removed from his wrists but, before he had chance to react, his wrists were pulled through the bars and gripped firmly whilst heavy metal manacles were locked around them. He heard the humming of a powered screwdriver and felt a vibration in the manacle on his left wrist and then on his right. He then heard the rattling of a chain and the click of padlocks. He tried to pull his wrists back through the bars towards the base of his spine. They came through partially but came to an abrupt halt when the short length of chain between his manacles pulled tight against a bar. His wrists had been chained outside of his cage.

He felt his left ankle and his right ankle pulled though the bars in front of him and shackled in a similar manner.

Tom pulled on his chains. There was no point. They were solid, heavy and going nowhere. He tried to calm himself. He became aware of how much he’d been sweating beneath the latex hood. He became aware of saliva in his ballgagged mouth pooling and leaking out around the ballgag. The oversize ball prevented him from swallowing. His jaw was now aching badly, as well.

And the punch in his balls had really hurt. He felt sick.

Seconds passed.

‘There. That’s better, isn’t it. We could have avoided all that unpleasantness, Tom, if only you’d stay calm and collected. You’d done so well up to that point. And now look at you. We were going to save the manacles and chains until later as well. We didn’t want to scare you too much. Not yet, anyway. Oh, well. It’s your fault.’

Tom turned his head away from the voice.

‘Anyway, Tom, welcome to your cage. As I’m sure you’ve realised, it’s not very big. It’s a cube, Tom, and it’s probably around one metre long on each side. It’s meant for animals, and you just behaved like an animal, didn’t you, Tom!’

Tom ignored the voice.

‘Get used to it, Tom. You’re going to spend quite a lot of your captivity inside it. And whether you remain chained in such an uncomfortable manner is entirely up to you. But for the duration of this journey, those chains will suffice. And there are more to come later, Tom. You’ve just misbehaved, Tom, and so you’re going to be punished.’

Tom heard the van motor start. He felt the vibration of the engine through the cage bars.

‘Okay, let’s go. He’s ours.’

Tom Daley sat in his cage. He wore only a skintight black rubber speedo. A black latex hood imprisoned his head and locked him in a world of darkness. An oversize rubber ballgag was strapped firmly into his mouth. His wrists and ankles were chained to the bars of his cage.

He had never felt more alone in the world.

To be continued…

5 Replies to “Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 2”

  1. This is such a good story, I can almost imagine the whole picture in my mind, plz keep writing, would love to see What happen to him late on

  2. It’s developing into an even hornier scenario. Well done. Waiting with bated and muffled breath for the next episode. Thanks for creating these hot images in my mind!

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