Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 1

Here’s an opening to a Tom Daley bondage story. If enough people show an interest then I’ll continue it. Drop a comment. Let me know what you think.

Tom climbed out of the pool. The water dripped from his tight, muscled body. He wore a pair of tight blue speedos. He glanced up at the clock.


He looked around. Other than the usual pool lifeguard, sitting bored on his lookout chair, there was no-one else around.

Tom nodded at the lifeguard. The lifeguard nodded back. Tom didn’t recognise him. Strange…he thought he knew all the lifeguards in this pool.

He glanced at the clock again.


He hurried towards the changing room. He was following a very precise set of instructions. He feared what might happen if he deviated from them.

He was slightly breathless. He had just completed twenty five lengths of the pool. The instructions had been very specific about this.

He entered the changing room. It was empty. He went to the toilet. Again, the instructions had been specific about this. He looked toward the changing room clock.


He found his changing cubicle, entered it and closed the door behind him. He didn’t close the latch. The door could easily be opened from the outside. Once again, this had been specified in the instructions. They had also specified which cubicle he was to use.

All of his possessions had been taken. His kit bag had been removed along with all of his clothes, his phone and his wallet. There wasn’t even a towel. All that remained was a small cardboard box which had been delivered to his house that morning.

Tom shivered. It wasn’t the cold water which still remained on his body but the thought of what was about to happen.

Tom opened the cubicle door slightly and looked at the clock.


He had three minutes. He remembered almost word for word the remaining instructions.

He took the lid off the box. He already knew what was inside. He’d looked earlier in the day. There were three items.

He picked up the first item. It was a speedo – black, pretty much the same as the speedo he currently wore, perhaps a little more low cut. It was definitely a couple of sizes smaller than his preferred size. He’d tried it on earlier in the day. It was very tight. However, what set it apart from his usual speedos was the material from which it was made. It was made from latex. He had to wear a black rubber speedo.

Tom didn’t think twice about what he had to do. He was aware that he only had minutes. He pulled down his blue speedo and climbed out of it. He stepped into the black rubber speedo and pulled it up his legs. Around halfway up his muscled, hairy thighs, the speedo became tight and Tom had to really struggle to get it up over his upper thighs and his firm bubble butt. His still wet skin made the rubber stick and cling but, finally, after much stretching and pulling, the black rubber speedo snapped into place. His dick lay to the left but, along with his balls, was clearly pronounced and left nothing to the imagination. The rubber speedo was very tight and, whilst not painful, was uncomfortable to wear, especially around his balls. He bundled his wet blue speedo into the box and pulled out the second item.

It was a pair of handcuffs. They were rigid cuffs – a solid metal hinge rather than a chain. There was no key, of course. He locked the first cuff around his left wrist, tight enough so that he could feel the touch of the cold steel all around his wrist.

He then grabbed the final item from the box. It was a black latex hood. He held it up and stared at it for a few seconds. He hated it. He’d already tried it on earlier in the day. There were two small holes for his nostrils and a larger hole for his mouth. There were no eye holes. There was a zip which ran all down the back and a small open padlock at the base of the zip.

Suddenly aware that he only had a couple of minutes left, he quickly pulled the hood over his head. It was slightly awkward because of his already cuffed left wrist. He reached round the back and pulled the zip down from the top of his head to the back of his neck.

The black latex was skintight and clung to his face. With the zip fully closed, the base of the hood clung tightly to his neck. He adjusted the hood slightly so that the nostril holes were placed over his nostrils. The mouth hole was only slightly larger than his closed mouth but it was easy enough to breathe. He again reached round the back of his hood and found the padlock. He fumbled with it briefly until he was able to pass it through both the zip fastener and a small metal loop at the base of the zip. He closed it. It clicked shut.

His heart was racing. Despite the coldness of the air and the cool water which remained on his skin, he felt himself breaking out into a sweat. His hood seemed to cling even tighter to his head and face. There was only total blackness inside the hood. The black latex was completely opaque and allowed no light to enter.

He paused a second to calm himself and then put both of his wrists behind his back. He placed his free right wrist inside the remaining cuff. He was able to grab the right cuff with his left hand. He took a deep breath and then locked the cuff into place. Once again, he closed it tight enough so that he could feel the steel bracelet encircling his wrist.

He waited. From climbing out of pool to his current predicament had taken less than ten minutes…just as the instructions had specified.

Tom Daley stood facing the back of his changing cubicle. His head was slightly lowered. His tanned, taut, muscled body was still wet. He was naked apart from a skintight, black, rubber speedo and a skintight black latex hood. His wrists were locked in a pair of rigid cuffs behind his back.

He waited. The sound of his racing heart seemed so loud inside the world of darkness in which he now found himself. Seconds seemed to stretch and become minutes. He shivered. He was cold and wet. The instructions had specified that he had to wear only a rubber speedo and no other items of clothing.

Suddenly, Tom sensed, rather than heard, movement behind him. A draft of cold air told him that his cubicle door had opened.

He felt a warm breath on his neck…and a quiet voice in his ear.

‘Hold still.’

It was a man’s voice – quite deep, not unfriendly.

His cuffed wrists were lifted slightly and then dropped. His felt fingers investigate the padlock on his hood.

‘Good boy, now do exactly as I tell you and no harm will come to either you or your family. Open your mouth…’

Tom did as he was told.


There was an edge to this instruction. Tom did as he was told. A large ball was forced into his mouth. Tom immediately tasted rubber. He began to panic.


Tom suddenly felt his balls grabbed and squeezed painfully hard.

‘Quiet. NOW!’

Tom calmed himself. He fell silent. His balls were released leaving a dull ache.

‘Good boy, this will be as easy or as hard as you make it. Now stand still.’

Tom stood still. The rubber ball filled his mouth, keeping his jaw wide open. It was pulled further into his mouth as straps were tightly fastened around the back of his hooded head. He felt more straps pulled up, either side of his nose, and over the top of his head. They were again tightly fastened round the back of his head. Yet more straps were pulled under his chin and tightly locked in place. The chin straps acted like a muzzle, keeping his jaw locked in place around the oversize ballgag.

He heard the click of a padlock around the back of his head. The ballgag was now locked firmly in place. The large ball was locked deep into his mouth, although he was still able to take shallow rasping breaths around it. The nostril holes in his skintight latex hood suddenly became essential.

‘Now, turn around.’

Tom turned around.

‘Step forward and out of the cubicle.’

Tom did as he was told. He felt the cold, wet surface beneath his bare feet. Once again, he shivered, more from fear than from the cold.

‘Good boy.’

He felt a firm grip on his arm.

‘Right, we’re going on a journey.’

To be continued…

14 Replies to “Story – ‘Tom Daley Kidnapped’ Part 1”

  1. A wet and helplessly bound and gagged Tom in his skimpy swim briefs….what’s not to like? Can’t wait for the horny sequel to this story! Thanks for sharing….

    1. Thanks for the kind comments. I’ve just this second gone into this first part and made a significant change. I wonder if you can spot what’s different!

  2. Wish somebody would do to me what “Tom Daley” is going through!!
    I have dreamed for so long about certain situations like the gym at school, where a “sadistic” teacher loves to tie me (and other boys) wearing only shorts or just naked, to several gymnastic equipments forcing me in painfull stretches and positions, like the splits, stradle, bridge, and the likes till we can perform them effortly for hours. If we try to object, we get caned, whipped or the likes till we beg him to tie us up again.
    For one thing: I would love to be tied up in a extreme hogtie where my arms are tightly tied together behind my back at the wrists and just above the elbows (till they are pressing painfully together) and my legs tied at the ankles (and maybe just above the knees to make it even more intense). Secondly my legs are to bend underneath my arms and pulled over eachother till my feet press against the back of my head, then my ankles are firmly tied onto my tied elbows. (Also, while being naked, to hurt me more the teach then ties a rope around the base of my penis and genitals with a painfull boa-constrictor knot and pulls it as tight as possible. Then he threads the rope-ends between my legs and ties them onto my wrists.)
    As i am (in my dream) in the situation where i won’t be missed for weeks, maybe months (like the other boys), the teach forces me to wriggle (which will hurt badly of course) to try to escape my bondage by tickling, dripping wax onto several bodyparts, slapping me, belting, paddling, caning or whipping me on the thighs, putting needles into my limbs and body, putting clothpins onto several body-parts like nipples, earlobs, chest, belly and arms and legs every hour. Like this he keeps me tied up for days and just retie me every now and then in other positions and to prevent permanent damage to my body.
    If somebody feels willing to make me undergo this or something like this, please contact me!! Also if you like me to tie you up, please contact me.
    Of course i will only do this after you specified what you like and for how long. I am quite experienced to fullfill everyones tie-up-dreams!! 🙂

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