Story – ‘The Bet’ Part 3 – Repost

Marcus screamed as he felt his rubber clad balls being squeezed and twisted.

‘MMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPHHHHH!!!’ was all that came out of his ballgag filled mouth.

‘I said STOP! Calm down!’

Marcus felt the hand release his balls.


‘That’s better. Just calm down, bro. Breathe.’

Marcus took several deeps breaths. The rubber hood clung to his skin as he breathed in but he was able to take in enough air through the nostril holes. He could hear his heart beating. It was way too fast. The sound of his raspy breathing continued to fill his rubber hood.

‘That’s it. Just breathe. You’re perfectly safe’.

If Marcus hadn’t have been chained up, gagged and hooded he may have laughed. This was the strangest definition of safe he’d ever heard. Instead, he just pulled on his chains and cuffed hands and grunted.

‘Woah. Hold still. Those chains are padlocked on tight. They’re not going anywhere. Give it up.’

Marcus gave out a sigh and relaxed back in the chair. He again became aware of his throbbing, hard dick forced uncomfortably against his body beneath the skintight rubber shorts.

‘Now. If you hold still I’ll take your hood off.’

His hood? Marcus thought. When had it become HIS hood? The thought sent shivers down his spine.

‘Don’t try anything’.

It suddenly occurred to Marcus that the voice belonged to Adam – one of his two friends who has made him sign the kidnap contract.

He felt his head being lifted forward. He heard the rattle of keys directly behind him. There was a click. The clatter of metal objects being placed on a surface and then the sound of a zip being opened from the base of his neck upwards along the back of ‘his’ rubber hood. The rubber which had initially been tight on his face relaxed. He felt a large amount of liquid suddenly trickle and pour down his face and neck and then the rubber hood was removed. He suddenly realised that he still desperately needed to piss.

Bright light. He couldn’t see. A lamp on a stand was shining directly at him.

‘Hey, bro, you looking a bit hot and bothered’, said Adam, barely concealing a laugh.

Marcus’s eyes gradually adjusted. Apart from the lamp there was no other light. He lifted his head and became aware of breeze block walls. A cold concrete floor and a cold grey ceiling. It was a small room. It reminded Marcus of a prison cell. Once again, he felt a shiver run down his spine. He couldn’t see a door so he assumed that was behind him. The chair in which he was chained appeared to be in the middle of the room facing one of the breeze block walls.

Even though the room was dimly lit, he began to pick out more details. He turned his head to the left and saw another breeze block wall. However, this wall had various eye hole bolts placed a varying heights…some close to the ceiling and some close to the floor. Two of the high bolts had short lengths of heavy chain hanging from them. At the end of each chain was something which appeared to be a thick metal wrist band. Shackles. Marcus saw more at ground level. The shackles seemed to be around two metres apart. Directly above Marcus, there were further eye hole bolts fixed to the ceiling. More chains hung down. ‘Fuck me’, Marcus thought, ‘I’m in a dungeon’.

Marcus turned his head to the right. This wall was different. It was entirely covered with mirror tiles. Marcus now had a full view of what he was wearing and how he was restrained. He was seated in the metal frame of a garden chair. The chair was inclined diagonally so that he was lying back. His wrists were pulled behind the chair and handcuffed together. Shiny, silver steel chains were wrapped around his upper arms, lower arms and waist and then around various parts of the metal chair frame. Further chains were passed down either side of his crotch, around the back of the chair, back around his waist and then padlocked in place. His ankles were chained to each of the lower corners of the chair frame. His split legs neatly exposed his crotch. The chains rattled and shifted slightly as he squirmed uncomfortably in his bondage.

On his upper body he wore a black, tight fitting PVC t-shirt. On his lower body was what appeared to be a pair of black cycling shorts. However, it was obvious now that they were made from rubber. Skintight black rubber. Painfully tight. The outline of his cock and balls was there for all to see, his erect penis clearly highlighted in the tight black, shiny latex.

Marcus was prevented from speaking by an oversize, solid black ballgag which was strapped in his mouth. Straps ran round the back of his neck and he could see a small padlock keeping them locked together. Another strap was tightly fastened under his chin acting as a muzzle. A further pair of straps passed either side of his nose and then met in a metal loop which was connected to a single wider strap which passed over the top of his head and down the back where it was locked to his neck straps. A further metal loop was attached to the strap at the top of his head. The ballgag itself was large. Marcus’s mouth was forced wide open and there was no way he’d be able to close it. His jaw ached badly.

As he studied his black and silver bondage, Marcus was overcome with such a sense of shame and embarrassment that he almost cried. What the fuck had he got himself into? What kind of friends were Adam and Martin? He knew they were gay…but this was just too much for him to comprehend.

Marcus turned his head and looked forward. The lamp shone directly into his face so he couldn’t see much. In the top right hand corner of the wall there appeared to be a red light hovering in the air. Marcus looked around and saw further lights in other corners of the room and one directly in front of him. He realised with horror that they were attached to small webcams fixed to the walls around the concrete room.

Adam stood in the corner of the room facing a table. Marcus could just make out his broad, muscled frame standing in the gloom. Adam was black…well, light brown. He was a mixed race guy. He appeared to be wearing just a pair of tight black shorts. His fighting shorts. He was a cage fighter. He looked over his shoulder and glanced at the chained Marcus.

‘Wah gwarn, bro?’

Adam laughed. ‘One sec’, he quipped, ‘nearly done’.

Marcus heard a click and then heard a desktop PC hum into life. He saw a monitor light up in front of Adam and begin a Windows boot up.


‘Shut the fuck up, bro, just relax’.

Marcus pulled on his chains briefly and then lay back. He again looked at his reflection in the mirror wall. He studied his erect cock bulging through the rubber shorts…willing it to go down. His balls ached badly. His dick ached because of whatever was locked around it…and his bladder was painfully full.

Adam stepped forward into the light. He was 23 years old, the same as Marcus. He stood at around 5’9’’. He had broad shoulders and a narrow waist. His body was chiseled from many hours spent working out at the gym. He was bulky and muscled but had the lean look of a soccer player who played and trained regularly. Both he and Martin, along with Marcus, played football together. He wore only a pair of tight black cage fighting shorts. He enjoyed showing off his brown, athletic body…especially his abdominal muscles…one of his most favourite parts of his body. He looked at Marcus’s chained body and smirked.

‘Damn, you look good’, he laughed. ‘We are gonna have so much fun with you’.

Adam wasn’t actually gay. He was bisexual. He’d shag anything. But as far as Marcus was concerned, that was gay. They’d spent many hours debating this in the past.

He walked up to Marcus, grabbed his balls again and twisted.


‘What was that?’ Adam replied, ‘awww man, you should never have signed that contract. We’re keeping you for the duration, bro, you ain’t going anywhere. Damn, who would be so stupid to agree to being kidnapped. Marcus, you are a fucking dickhead’.

Marcus pulled violently on his chains. The cuffs dug painfully into his wrists.

‘And look at what we have here’, Adam stroked the outline of Marcus’s hard dick, ‘damn, you must be enjoying this more than you’re letting on’.

Marcus flinched at Adam’s touch. The sense of shame welled up inside him again. He guessed he was turning bright red.

The unmistakeable sound of the Windows log on sounded behind Adam. Adam turned back towards the PC.

‘Okay, here we go.’

Marcus heard tapping on a keyboard.

‘Oh, you just gotta see this’.

Adam moved away from the monitor allowing Marcus to see the screen. It was black. Marcus was blinded by the light from the lamp but he could still see the monitor shining in the dark corner. Adam tapped a key on the keyboard and Marcus suddenly became aware of several images all lighting up the screen. They were all images of him…of his chained, cuffed and rubber clad body…all from different angles. Full length shots, face on and from the left and right side. A view from above looking directly down onto his restrained body. A close up of his gagged face. A close up of his crotch, his balls and dick clearly bulging through the rubber. He looked again at the red lights around the room…around his prison. He wanted to throw up.

‘So what do you think of our little dungeon? It’s the cellar beneath my house. We started converting it around a year ago. The rest of the cellar’s still there but I partitioned it and built a new wall.’

Like Marcus, Adam was a brick layer and worked in construction.

‘The door behind you is from a real police cell. I got it from a special ‘friend’, you get me.’ Adam winked at Marcus. ‘It’s covered with brick cladding on the outside. Once it’s closed you wouldn’t know it was there. And, of course, there’s a layer of soundproofing in the wall.’

Then why the fuck am I gagged? thought Marcus.

‘I know what you’re thinking’, said Adam. The ballgag is all part of the deal. Ballgags and bondage go together hand in hand. Man, you are gonna get the full works. And damn, that gag looks good on you.’

Fuck, thought Marcus.

‘The dungeon’s only just been finished. The webcams were the last little detail. We haven’t had chance to play yet. Martin was going to lock me in here for a few days. We were gonna do the whole African slave ting,’ Adam laughed again. He grabbed his crotch through his black shorts and rubbed his dick. Marcus could see he was getting hard. Adam’s shorts were tight fitting and his dick bulge was there for all to see. Fuck me, I’m gonna get sexually molested by my best mate…what’s my girl friend gonna say?

‘But when you were drunk, last night, and started talking about being kidnapped, me and Martin couldn’t believe our luck. We never dreamt that you’d be our first prisoner. Didn’t take us long to collect a few things last night and then grab your drunken ass on the way home. Damn, we’ve got you for two whole weeks.’

Two weeks, Marcus thought, no way. He started to struggle again and pulled desperately at his chains and handcuffs. He felt his softening dick start to grow hard again. What the fuck was the matter with him? And boy, did he need to piss.

‘Just pack it in, Marcus, no way you’re escaping from those chains…and just wait till you see what we’ve got lined up for you…’ Adam glanced briefly into the lower corner of the room behind him, Marcus couldn’t see what he was looking at, ‘…man, you’re fucked up, you are gonna freak when we put you in there…’. Adam turned back towards the PC, obscuring Marcus’s view of his restrained body.

Marcus turned to look at his reflection again. A thought suddenly struck him. He’d argued with his girl friend last night. Her name was Lisa. She’d gone mad at him when he said he was going to the pub again. It was either pub or football. He never seemed to spend any time with her. Marcus did love Lisa but he was no good in an argument. He always said the wrong thing. She’d gone mad, grabbed her coat and stormed out. So he’d gone to the pub…which was how he came to be chained in this dungeon…

But, of course, she’d miss him when he didn’t return home. Maybe she’d contact the police. Surely, Adam and Martin wouldn’t let that happen.

Almost on cue, there was a chime from the PC. Marcus recognised the Skype sound. Lisa was forever skyping her friends and relatives. Marcus guessed it would be Martin. He saw Adam place a headset on his head. Marcus couldn’t see what was on the monitor.

‘Yep, he’s here….yes, of course, he’s fine, not in too much pain, not yet, anyway….’ Adam laughed, ‘no, he’s not going to need any clothes, we’ve got that all covered….that’s fine, we’ll keep him ‘till then, he won’t enjoy it, but maybe he’ll learn to look after you a bit better, babe…’

A wave of panic swept over Marcus. He realised who Adam was talking to.

‘….babe, seriously, we’ll look after him, he won’t be going anywhere….you want to see him…talk to him…one sec, babe…’

Adam turned around and smirked again, he tapped the keyboard and moved away from the monitor. Marcus could see the full length, face on, shot of his body filling the screen. A surge of anger, again. He tried to move…violently struggling…the chains and cuffs held him firm.

‘Woah, steady on, bro…’

Adam removed his headset and tapped another key.

Marcus heard Lisa’s voice.

‘Marcus, are you there??’


Adam laughed out loud.

‘Here you go, babe, here he is…’

Adam tapped another key. The full length view of Marcus moved into the corner of the screen and Lisa’s face appeared full screen.

Marcus guessed she could now see him.

A look of total horror filled her face as she realised what she was seeing….and then….

…she began to laugh…

To be continued…

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